Food & Beverages

Benchmarking product offerings for a leading worldwide chain of restaurants


A popular and globally successful restaurant chain wanted to utilize market research to reassess their existing marketing mix for accurately reflecting the ever-evolving preferences of customers. Emphasizing the socioeconomic attitude of customers, the brand also wished to understand the most suitable pricing patterns to remain ahead of the competition.


Although a successful brand, the company comprehended the need for continued market research. The Fact.MR research team provided accurate customer insights through extensive market research and guided the brand to revamp their current marketing mix to resonate with evolving buying patterns of customers. In-depth analysis of shifting consumer social and economic attitudes helped the brand in product benchmarking by studying the best received product offerings and the most preferred pricing among customers. Fact.MR also delivered insights on the most adoptable media marketing strategies to appeal to specific customer groups.


The brand’s product offering was revised to best reflect customer preferences. Insights drawn by the Fact.MR team helped in accurate product benchmarking in terms of both customer choice and purchasing decisions.