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Helping Australian Coffee Manufacturer Secure Its Market Position with Deep-dive Market Insights


 A leading Australian manufacturer of premium coffee approached Fact.MR to gain comprehensive insights about the market conditions for a new product launch and to test product sustainability. The client also wanted Fact.MR to develop a strong positioning strategy for their brand in the Australian market and strengthen the existing business model. 


Through exhaustive research, Fact.MR analyzed the entire target region for the new product launch – acquiring insights into potential customers, sales volumes, and future expansion opportunities. Fact.MR also obtained deep insights pertaining to various market dynamics including key challenges, trends, and segmentation to define market progression and understand niche markets along with serviceable attributes. A team of expert researchers at Fact.MR interviewed relevant market stakeholders to understand buyer sentiments. An extensive part of the research was dedicated to search engine analytics to capture trends, relevant search terms, and campaigns that the competition might have used to attract consumers.


Through deep understanding of the client’s business need, Fact.MR presented first-mover recommendations gathered through benchmarking coupled with competitive and online channels analysis. An actionable plan to strengthen the existing customer base and main functional area, in addition to a feasible budget plan was also presented to the client, which helped them achieve brand sustainability and enhanced market share.