Evaluating Potential for Building a New Business and Public Perception of the Current Market Standing for Pharmaceuticals Major


 When a large pharmaceutical company wanted obtain public perspectives on a particular drug and eventually explore potential business opportunities in various related segments, they approached Fact.MR for an end-to-end solution comprising market data collection to insights generation.


Fact.MR conducted over 25+ interviews to understand consumer trends and scenarios across different markets. Fact.MR also leveraged secondary resources for market scenario assessment to provide the client with an in?depth understanding of public perspectives on the business environment and provided insights determining the viability and growth potential for new business. Fact.MR also presented a market segmentation analysis to help the client identify broader industry trends.


 Comprehensive market insights provided by Fact.MR helped gauge present consumer sentiments and also enabled the client to devise a robust penetration strategy into a specialized drug market. A clear understanding of the various distribution channels helped the client implement a strong go-to-market strategy for their new business concept with an objective to reach their target customer base within the targeted countries.