Market Entry Strategy for Healthcare Services Provider to Position New Service and Product Offerings


A healthcare company was looking to develop a market entry strategy and assess the market opportunity for a few services and sought Fact.MR’s expertise to obtain insights on the various market segments including the most lucrative category to invest in, price sensitivity, and market opportunity within the segments.


Fact.MR conducted comprehensive interviews and secondary research to understand the current market, regulatory, and competitive landscape. Additionally, Fact.MR also studied and described various customer segments – type and volume of services in each, key market players, and the regulatory framework in North America, APEJ, and Australia. A detailed analysis helped the client focus on a high?level market entry strategy by scrutinizing the primary and secondary markets and evaluating the level of competition.            


 By leveraging actionable insights on the healthcare services market provided by Fact.MR, the client was able to develop a marketing mix to position their product and service offerings that resonated with their target audience compared to other key players within the healthcare industry, for a better return on investment.