Keeping Up with Customer Demands for Technology-enabled Operations Through Customer Identification Analysis


A leading mobile banking service that had recently extended business as an online bank sought the market research expertise of Fact.MR with emphasis on identification of target customer groups and their unmet needs. As a majority of competitors also adopted technology-enabled operations and functionalities within the same timeframe, the client wanted to discover the most promising ways to compete more efficiently and gain an edge over others. The bank wanted to revisit its brand positioning in the market through in-depth customer identification analysis.


Fact.MR’s expert consulting in customer identification involved extensive primary and secondary market research that clearly showed the bank’s reputation among customers had suffered over the years, and critically mandated an updated offerings portfolio to deliver improved customer service. Detailed interviews of focused customer groups conducted by the research team assessed customer perceptions of the bank’s existing and revised offerings.


The bank swiftly shifted to becoming a brand that provides a range of high-tech banking services catering to customers’ banking and transaction related needs. The client was quick to understand the entire transformation and adopt technology-enabled operations and functions, including customer-friendly applications.