How a Prominent Mobile Accessories Company Gauged the Impact of Digital Ads on In-Store Sales Turnover


The client, a leading mobile accessories company, wished to measure the efficacy of online advertising on its sales. While it is quite easy to measure impact on online sales, it is extremely tough to measure the influence of marketing techniques on in-store sales. The client approached Fact.MR to help them understand the impact of in-the-web strategies on the brand’s brick-and-mortar sales.


To deal with this hard-to-answer question, Fact.MR started working along with the digital agency employed by the client. Fact.MR decided to incorporate an in-market analysis across various realms. Multiple dimensions were used to pair various markets and stores for this analysis, which included sales figures and trends, assortment and distribution, dynamics of seasonality, and socio-economic factors.


This extensive research helped the client realize the output of their marketing efforts. It also helped them identify loopholes and devise effective countermoves, which enabled them to revise and optimize their strategy.