Industrial Goods

New Product Market Entry Proposition for a Leading Pipe and Fitting Manufacturer


 Industrial establishments that install and use high-pressure pipes are generally guided by a set of rules. Proven quality, efficacy, and safety of the products is of utmost importance to companies that use high pressure pipes and fittings. The client, a leading manufacturer of pipes and fittings, had developed a new product and sought Fact.MR’s insights to formulate a go-to-market strategy to launch their new product in the market.


 Fact.MR conducted extensive interviews and reached out to industry experts to draw information about why companies use a certain brand of high pressure pipes and fittings and what would lead to a change of mindset in terms of brand loyalty. At the same time, Fact.MR also conducted research involving other end-user industries such as pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, and construction. Fact.MR further presented the client’s product to industry experts to study their first impressions.


The entire research concluded that the product involved minimal installation process requiring very few tools, making it both cost and time effective.  Since then, the client has experienced significant adoption of new pipe fittings with substantial success.