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Material Feasibility Analysis for a Company Manufacturing Analog Phase Shifters


The client, a high-tech solutions provider in the global semiconductor industry was looking to explore a market opportunity and viability of using ferroelectric materials such as Barium Strontium Titnate (BST) in the manufacturing of analog phase shifters (APS), owing to the different problems faced by end users of APS. 


Through extensive data mining, Fact.MR collected and analyzed all the available references pertaining to BST based analog phase shifters from online and offline sources including news articles, press releases, scientific journals, and technical white papers. A detailed analysis of all the currently registered patents and device designs was carried out to understand the available technologies and determine the future of BST as a raw material for manufacturing analog phase shifters. Expert analysts then put together all the data points to assess the market potential, total volume, and expected cost of each analog phase shifter along with anticipated profit margins, in addition to product pricing and value chain analysis.


This extensive research helped the client in precisely mapping the market in terms of competition and identifying the pain points of key stakeholders involved in the value chain. Additionally, the client was also able to determine the supply and demand chain for the material, which helped them align their production and budgets. Subsequently, the manufacturer was able to successfully establish a robust go-to-market strategy and product alignment initiatives.