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Insightful Market Segmentation and Understanding of Consumer Personas Using Social Media Marketing for a Leading Toys Manufacturer


With the emergence of social media, a leading toys manufacturer faced the challenge of how to market their range of products specially designed for children with special learning needs on the social web. The client wanted Fact.MR recommendations to help them reach out to different segments of direct and indirect end users such as parents, therapists, and counselors through various social media communities and sensitize them about their product line. Other than building relationships with customers, Fact.MR was engaged to generate new product ideas and facilitate better understanding of the brand’s target customers.


 By conducting surveys, Fact.MR reached out to communities to understand consumer behavior. Moreover, social media strategies were developed for the toy maker to effectively use personas to segment its target market. With extensive social media research, five personas were determined to categorize the consumers. Fact.MR connected with direct users, communities, connected communities, households, and medical practitioners for a deeper involvement with the brand.


Efficient customer segmentation, end user surveys, and persona profiling enabled the toy maker to concentrate its efforts on social media platforms to market its specially designed toys, targeting highest number of active users and communities. Moreover, the toy maker not only received more coverage on social media with viral pictures and demo videos, but also turned feedback from parents and communities attending to the children with special learning needs, into new product recommendations.