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Addressing Distribution Channel Satisfaction Concerns of an FMCG Leader


Poor distribution channel satisfaction levels was the prime concern of an established, thriving FMCG brand. The client had asked for the evaluation of distribution channel satisfaction involving over 1500 distributors reaching more than 1000 cities. Also, the client wanted to bring in a huge transformation in their existing supply chain network policy structure.


Looking at the significance of the presence of distributors in the supply chain network and a pivotal link that they form to get on-sale products on retail shelves, Fact.MR considered it imperative to analyze the satisfaction of all distributors regarding a defined set of policies – as it eventually creates a favorable growth environment for the business. The key services provided here included extensive market research, products quality assessment, assessment of merchandising effectiveness and promotional schemes, query analysis, logistical issues assessment, and account policies. The study spanned a huge geographical area and Fact.MR delivered accurate insights covering territorial and regional distribution channels.


Fact.MR successfully captured real-time satisfaction levels among the distribution stakeholders in the supply chain. The study offered a precise list of the most important and influencing pain points of distributors that later enabled the client to spot the exact areas of improvement. Also, post amendments to the existing supply chain policies, the client introduced a new set of initiatives with the sole objective of enhancing distribution channel satisfaction levels.