Brand Share Analysis for a Leading German Sports Footwear Company


In the wake of improving shoes technology, a German sports footwear company with annual sales turnover of approximately 1.5 Billion EURO, realized that competitor brands were attaining significant market share. The client wanted to re-evaluate the position of its trademark sports footwear in the European market and the newly launched, aggressively priced athleisure footwear. The company’s management engaged Fact.MR to help them streamline their marketing efforts to further strengthen their brand positioning with athleisure and sports footwear.


Expert consultants of Fact.MR conducted extensive research to help the client in its decision making. In order to assess the brand’s share and competitive positioning in the market and make informed recommendations, the consultants worked on a 15 minute telephone survey that was conducted among 600 randomly dialed consumers across Europe’s five primary countries. Fact.MR also conducted a pricing analysis for the client’s athleisure and sports footwear line. The market pricing analysis revealed that the client’s brand was leading at the premium end of the market for both its footwear categories.


 Fact.MR’s comprehensive set of data points and recommendations enabled the client to expand their business in the technology-driven shoe market. The client incorporated all the market assessment strategies to understand market attractiveness and ensure strategic changes. The sports and athleisure footwear brand emerged as a premium brand, selling shoes that are a mix of price-performance balance.