Demographic Profiling to Help Unleash New Business Potential for Leading Apparel Player


 An apparel manufacturing company based in Russia approached Fact.MR, as it wished to venture into sportswear due to the rising vogue among millenials. The client wanted to identify the specific customer demographic that could be targeted for a notable and profitable return on investment. The client also wanted to unlock the business lucrativeness associated with the specific customer fraction, which would help the brand outperform its business goals.


Fact.MR enabled the client to identify the ideal customer base with the help of a diligent research approach. Fact.MR also helped the client understand analytical and marketing implementation plans and provided broad marketing blueprints to help them utilize their marketing efforts in the right direction.


 Based on the assessment provided by Fact.MR, the client was able to frame an efficient business strategy resonating with their primary target audience. Moreover, the company could also devise effective marketing strategies that aided in personality identification and development of the brand in the marketplace.