Robust Web and Retail Presence Strategies for Large Retailer Through Technology Consulting


The client, a large US-based retailer, mostly specializing in apparel and footwear for newborns and kids found that the e-commerce sales were unsatisfactory and underperforming compared to competitors. Moreover, the client was also encountering inefficiencies in its overall business processes relating to channel presence. Fact.MR was entrusted to run a holistic audit of the business process, gauge the pain points, and chalk actionable and effective recommendations to resolve web and retail-related issues. 


Fact.MR engaged with key decision makers and other stakeholders of the company by performing a comprehensive current state analysis to gain in-depth understanding of the pain points and shortcomings. Elaborate interviews conducted through personal meetings and video conferencing with other departments such as sales enablement executives helped Fact.MR understand the client’s strategic business goals. The overall audit provided insights into resource and technology investments and the resultant impact on the company’s web presence, which currently was underperforming. 


With all the findings put together during the briefing stage of the engagement, Fact.MR’s consultants provided actionable recommendations to help the client achieve a robust omni-channel web and retail presence and reach new B2B and B2C customers.