How Fact.MR Helped a Banking Institution Strengthen Its Data Security System


The client, a Melbourne-based bank with branches across Australia was serving large realty companies and other commercial businesses. As a financial institution, the client had a massive amount of sensitive data that had to be protected considering current malware threats and GDPR implementation, and also had to keep up with the compliance mandates. With a sensitive task at hand, Fact.MR was entrusted to build a solid security framework based on current industry best practices and protect the bank’s data while strengthening their brand loyalty. 


Fact.MR began with a thorough infrastructure and business process analysis to determine where the bank was most susceptible to an attack so that technology upgrade or change could be prioritized. After a focused study of the bank’s processes, Fact.MR was able to manage all compliance requirements, protect the infrastructure from being hacked, and build an innovative, cutting-edge system that facilitated conformance to regulatory requirements.


Fact.MR’s vulnerability projections and findings were used by the client to accomplish particular security goals such as protecting operational websites and online transactions. Moreover, the client subsequently deployed a comprehensive and transformational cyber security defense system-across applications and data repositories.