Enabling a Smooth Merger Process for a US-based Aftermarket Parts Manufacturer


A top US-based aftermarket parts manufacturer engaged Fact.MR during its merger with an equally big company based in Europe, for mutual business expansion-to ensure seamless integration and smooth transition. As both the companies had completely diverse business models and the scale of the merger was quite expansive, the client required a unified sales model to function together without disrupting business processes.


With an objective to design a strong, combined business process, the primary research conducted by Fact.MR incorporated analysis of the current structure of both the companies. The team of analysts also engaged with the leadership of both companies to understand the roles and responsibilities of each organization. Fact.MR came up with an overall business transition roadmap encapsulating all essential aspects that included comprehensive product coverage, minimum customer disruptions, and increased business opportunities.


The client went ahead with the proposed business integration and transition plan, with a goal to achieve the desired results within a stipulated timeframe. Within a year of implementing the clear and practical roadmap, both companies could create positive opportunities for themselves, with steady sales channels and the existing customer base.