Chemical & Materials

Market Segmentation to Better Understand and Meet Customer Needs for a Leading Player in the Chemicals Industry


The complexity of the chemicals sector and the demands the industry brings along, pushed a leading global supplier of catalysts for the polyurethane industry to revisit their marketing strategies. The company approached Fact.MR to help with structured market segmentation so they could better understand consumer and competition sentiments.


Fact.MR understands that players in the chemicals industry are often good manufacturers and processors, but not necessarily marketers – which is primarily important for consumer value creation. Through extensive research, Fact.MR devised a custom market segmentation and provided the client with the necessary qualitative and quantitative insights to help them gauge the full extent and spread of this market. Additionally, Fact.MR also helped the client in differentiating between key players who were either optimizers, differentiators, or catalysts depending on the nature of their business. Fact.MR also arrived at an extensive set of recommendations for the client regarding the most lucrative segment and region to focus on.


The results and key findings helped the client successfully build a customer-aligned sales team to effectively and efficiently meet customer demands. The client also acquired a holistic picture of customer segmentation, in turn helping them formulate multiple value added services.