Food & Beverages

Exploring Opportunities for Product Share Expansion in the US Market for a Leading UK-Based Manufacturer of Fresh Delicatessen Packaging Equipment


The client approached Fact.MR for an opportunity evaluation of the US market, as traditional frozen food still dominates the US market unlike the UK, where fresh cooked foods account for a large share in the convenience food market.


With a deep understanding of markets, especially given the volatility of the food and beverages industry, Fact.MR helped the client with deep actionable insights to help their sales and marketing teams overcome key business challenges. As a part of market research, Fact.MR interviewed food manufacturers, suppliers, and supermarket stakeholders to understand and identify opportunities for fast and easy fresh cooked food. Fact.MR also carried out a comprehensive analysis of the global fresh delicatessen market and arrived at an extensive set of recommendations for the client regarding the most lucrative segment, region, and other demographics to focus on.


The results of the study conducted by Fact.MR are being widely used by the client’s sales team, who launched the fresh delicatessen product in the US market rather successfully considering the number of government regulations it went through. In the first phase, the client opted for an online channel to sell their product for which Fact.MR devised a real-time tracking strategy to monitor consumer sentiments.