The sheer volume of data and insights offered to businesses these days in the form of syndicated research can be quite overwhelming. In the era of data and content chaos, making sense of the available information is a daunting task. At Fact.MR, we are well aware of these challenges.

We believe that businesses today don't need more data; they need actionable insights that address their unique challenges. We curate our syndicated research solutions keeping the ever-evolving needs of businesses in mind. We go beyond the obvious to bring you nuanced, subtle developments that have a big impact on your particular sector.

Salient Features of Fact.MR's Syndicated Research Solutions

Syndicated Research

  • Fact.MR's biggest strength is its team of 600+ experienced consultants. Our experts are not generalists and have a deep understanding of their niche
  • We have served businesses of all sizes – from high street vendors to Fortune 100. This gives us a strategic edge of creating syndicated research reports that appeal to a broad audience
  • We track markets continuously – from month to month, quarter to quarter, and year to year. We are uniquely positioned to identify emerging trends before they become universally apparent
  • Our competitive intelligence is comprehensive, featuring not only the Goliaths, but the Davids as well. Detailed insights on why companies are creating profit or losing revenue are offered to readers
  • Any syndicated market research is as good as the methodology employed to arrive at conclusions. At Fact.MR, we pride ourselves on employing a robust, comprehensive, and transparent methodology
  • Fact.MR's syndicated research solutions are brought to you by an experienced and reliable team that has served over 1,000 clients from nearly 150 countries