Railcar Leasing companies provide a large number of services associated with railcars. From repairs and maintenance of railcars to insurance, the railcar leasing companies have a lot to offer. Railcar leasing companies are used to transport industrial goods like oils and chemicals. Food and beverages, temperature prone etc. in abundance. Demand for railcar leasing companies is expected to show an intense growth rate in the near future as the technological advancements in this market are happening rapidly. 

Top 5 Railcar Leasing Companies and Recent Developments


VTG is one of the leading railcar logistics companies. The company specializes in transportation of liquids, foods and industrial goods throughout Europe. VTG offers a range of customer solutions like Wagon Hire, Logistics, Railcar Manufacturing and Maintenance and Customer Solutions. VTG team is made up of highly experienced professionals in the field and the company holds a very good reputation in the German market. 

VTG has a very big network of partner repair shops and the team works with these partners very closely. The facilities offered by the company are of high standards, deliver top results and meet the customer’s expectations by catering to their maintenance and repair needs. The quick repair services along with skilled people puts the wagons back on the rails as soon as possible. 


GATX is the global leader of railcar leasing providers. As per the reports, in 2019, GATX earned $5.81 per diluted share and surpassed the expected earnings. The company is very popular in Europe and North America and is divided into 4 different segments- Rail North America, Rail International, Portfolio Management and safety. The company has been providing high quality railcars and its related services for more than 122 years. Recently, GATX has been in the news after announcing a quarterly dividend of $0.50 per common share. 

Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co

CFCL, founded in 1928, holds a successful track record of 90 years. The company has partnered with the globally leading companies and is widely popular for its uncompromising integrity, Remarkable Customer Service, High Performing Teams and relentless improvements. Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co has customized its own railcar leasing and financing plans. Two of the standard lease options are- 

  • Full Service lease- The plan has a regular monthly rental rate. Under this plan, CFCL supplies, maintains and supports the optimum utilization of your railcar by its services.
  • Net Lease- The plan has a regular monthly rental rate. Under this plan, maintenance and repairing of the railcar is the lessee's responsibility. 


Union Tank Car Company or UTLX is the truly delivering value and has been developed as a reliable option for railcar leasing. Leasing, Repairing and Manufacturing are the three services UTLX is known for. The company works on a simple yet powerful model and uses some easy tools to provide customers the access to repair requests, mechanical specifications information, billing and payment information, leasing information and so on. 

SMBC Rail Services

SMBC rail services offer net and full operating leases and financing services that are suitable to the customers. The company coordinates from time to time and maintains the rail cars; analyses the movement of railcar, checks the mileage and lastly makes sure that cost of maintenance and operation of railcar comes out to be really low. 

The Railcar Leasing Market is a lucrative market for the USA and Europe. The USA has the largest number of railcar owners whereas Europe’s market is potentially going to grow by 2024 as the governments are taking initiatives to modernize the rail networks.