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GDPR Policy

Our commitment to GDPR

The advent of a data-driven era has brought along with it a set of diverse benefits as well as pertinent complexities. With technocrats collecting and converting a myriad of data packets related to their products and services, it is essential to incorporate some concrete policies along with the predefined data administration norms. This is believed to be a prime opportunity for marketers across the globe to empower their brand reliability while delivering outstanding services to their users.

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25th of May 2018, and is foreseen to revolutionize data transactions across every organization. Moreover, GDPR is also believed to transform the ways companies handle consumer privacy, and to equip users with new rights to access their own data. GDPR gives users the right to object when they come across usage of their personal data, without their consent, for marketing purposes.

What is Fact.MR doing towards GDPR readiness?

At Fact.MR, we believe that individuals’ rights to data privacy and protection are of paramount importance. Hence, we take data privacy and protection very seriously, and don’t compromise with this under any circumstances. Fact.MR doesn’t entertain the processing of one’s personal information beyond what is essential for the functioning of a particular service. After a diligent review of the GPDR requirements for data protection, we have successfully enacted the necessary course of action, both, technical and organizational, for successful compliance

Fact.MR has redefined its privacy policy as per GDPR guidelines, and is accountable to explain the following-
  • Category/type of data collected
  • Use of the data collected
  • Stockpiling of personal data
  • Data repository & third parties involved
  • Preservation & security of personal data
  • Access of your personal data

We, at Fact.MR, have readily implemented a set of security processes and norms to safeguard the information entrusted to us. This, in turn, helps us adhere to security and privacy policies, regulations, and standards, which are in line with GDPR. Moreover, Fact.MR is also making deliberate strides to upgrade its services, while maintaining utmost standards to the privacy and security of its users. While we make sure that our users have the ultimate ownership of their data, we also take requisite measures for customers exploiting features inherent to furnish their GDPR obligations, such as removal, alteration, and transfer of personal data, without the company's consent.

Fact MR goes an extra mile to abide by GDPR

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Queries regarding privacy policy and personal data

Fact.MR gives utmost priority to the privacy and security of individuals and their personal data, and takes it very seriously. We take every necessary step and precaution to safeguard and protect the myriad of personal data processed. We have special policies and procedures in place to ensure information security and safeguard the data from malicious access, modification, or destruction. The security policies encompass numerous layers such as secure APIs, controls on access, policies for passwords, data encryption, and secure IT practices by personnel who don't have the authority.

In a bid to retain the consistency of data protection and security across organizational frontiers, Fact.MR has employed a team dedicated for data privacy. The primary function of the team is to sketch a framework and exercise its implementation throughout the organization. This team makes sure that all the regulations pertinent to compliance are being strictly taken into consideration and followed religiously. In addition to this, the team is also responsible for circulating the idea of how important compliance is, and promoting substantial awareness of the GDPR policy. The enthusiasm for GDPR is gauged on a timely basis, and the flaws, if any, are immediately identified. To make GDPR compliance an imperative part of our organization’s culture, we have incorporated GDPR training courses for our employees during their induction and annual training sessions. Fact.MR always believes that privacy is not for sale, rather, it's a valuable asset to protect.