North America Electric Lawn Mower Market

North America Electric Lawn Mower Market Analysis by Product Type (Ride-On, Walk-behind, Robotic), by Mower Blade Type (Cylinder Blades, Mulching Blades, Standard Blades, Lifting Blades), by Cord Type (Corded, Cordless), by End User and by Country - 2022 to 2032

Analysis of North America Electric Lawn Mower market covering 30 + countries including analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

North America Electric Lawn Mower Market Outlook (2022-2032)

The North America Electric Lawn Mower market is projected to grow at the rate of 6.7% to reach a valuation of US$ 9.62 Billion by 2032, up from US$ 5.05 Billion in 2022. Sales were valued at US$ 4.7 Billion in 2021, and are anticipated to reflect a Y-o-Y expansion rate of 7.4% in 2022.

Report Attributes


North America Electric Lawn Mower Market Size (2021A)

US$ 4.7 Billion

Estimated Market Value (2022E)

US$ 5.05 Billion

Forecasted Market Value (2032F)

US$ 9.62 Billion

North America Market Growth Rate (2022-2032)

6.7% CAGR

United States Market Share (2021)


United States Growth Rate (2022-2032)

7.3% CAGR

Key Companies Profiled

  • Wharton Hardware and Supply
  • Alaska Pacific Rental, LLC
  • Morrico Equipment LLC
  • Center de Camping d'Amos
  • Progressive Turf Equipment Inc.

Growth in the North American electric lawn mower market is attributed to the increasing construction of public gardens, commercial buildings, and landscaping services, propelling the market growth during the forthcoming decade.

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North America Electric Lawn Mower Historical Market Outlook (2017-2021) vs Growth Forecast (2022-2032)

The advent of GPS-equipped and remote-controlled lawn mowers have made gardening easier. The rise in consumer preferences over gardening activities, such as backyard beautification, landscaping, and backyard cookouts has created opportunities for the lawn mowers market.

To remain in sync with global demand for technological advancement, the manufacturers are focusing on business profitability by developing smart or robotic lawn mowers in the market.

The North American electric lawn mower market has been generating maximum revenue for electric lawn mower manufacturers for the past half-decade. Around 34% of the overall market valuation for electric lawn mowers was generated by North American countries in 2021 which is forecast to surpass a valuation of US$ 9.62 Billion by 2032 end, growing with a 6.7% CAGR.

Electric Lawn Mower business in the U.S is generating around 65.5% market share and is projected to grow with an exciting CAGR of 7.3% during 2022-2032.

Ever-increasing Commercial and Residential Use of Electric Lawn Mowers to Support North America Market Growth

Increasing implementation of lawnmower equipment to maintain public facilities, such as schools, parks, and sports fields, are likely to create healthy growth opportunities for the lawnmower market. The rise in demand for landscaping services in emerging economies is likely to add an aesthetic value to a property, which is projected to grow the lawn mover’s market.

Furthermore, the gradual shift from traditional manual tools to automated equipment will create growth opportunities for manufacturers in the market.

In addition, the growing adoption of green roofs is likely to boost the demand for lawn mowers in the market. Rapidly expanding commercial and residential construction sectors, especially in emerging economies, owing to the rise in population and increasing disposable income are also likely to boost the lawnmowers demand.

The features of lawnmowers, such as ease of use and handling, have captured consumers’ attention towards lawnmowers, which is likely to increase their sales in the global market. The lawnmowers have captured higher demand from end-use sectors as Lawn Mowers are used by a vast range of consumers from hobby to professional farmers, and from individuals to the greenery caretaker, which has aided in increasing sales of electric lawn mowers in the global market. Another factor that has captured the consumers’ attention is the reliability, comfort, and total safety of the operator, which is estimated to enhance the market for lawnmowers in the coming years.

Implementation of Smart Technologies like AI to Act as a Key Market Trend

Emergent technologies like Artificial Intelligence in robotic systems can help mechanize lawn mowing systems with improved cutting efficiency. A few robotic mowers have incorporated functionality within applications to modify settings or plan mowing times and frequency and manually control the mower with a digital joystick. Tools like embedded GPS in modern robotic lawnmowers permit them to automatically mow around barriers or even go to sleep in case of rain.

The majority of robotic mowers utilize a random method, in which the machine jumps around on the grass until it strikes the border wire that confines the operating area. Then it shifts direction until it smacks the wire again. This robotic mower may take longer based on the lawn size. Hence, the machine must be operational at all times. Numerous robotic mowers such as Indego by Bosch build a garden map before thoroughly tackling the work.

North america electric lawn mower market forecast by Fact.MR

Country-wise Insights

Which country accounts for Enhanced Demand for Lawn Mower Market?

North America held the majority share of the lawnmowers market and accounted for more than 35% share in 2021. In terms of country-based growth, the United States has traditionally been at the forefront of high market demand, capturing 65.5% market share.

Over the last couple of years, urbanization in the United States has made living spaces pocket-sized, declining garden size. This drift will pose a severe threat to the demand for lawn mowers in the country. Though, the development and upkeep of lawns in commercial spaces will offer some relief to the otherwise contested industry growth.

In the U.S., over 30% of households have kitchen gardens, signifying that gardening still prevails in a large portion of U.S. This inclination is likely to come as a respite for lawnmower OEMs to propel sales. Additionally, over 70% of U.S. households have a backyard lawn, resulting in the usage of lawnmowers to maintain the grass and creating opportunities for OEMs that offer lawn trimming products.

Fact.MR forecasts that the U.S. lawnmowers market is anticipated to record a 7.3% CAGR throughout the forecast period, mainly due to an upsurge in lawn maintenance activities amidst the pandemic and growth in construction activities in 2021.

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Category-wise Insights

Which Segment is expected to stay at the Forefront of the Lawn Mower Market by End User?

Professional landscaping services are expected to stay at the forefront of the electric lawn mower market for the upcoming decade. Demand for Lawn Mowers is expected to witness lucrative revenue-generating opportunities due to the present trend of innovative landscaping practices.

Growing gardening services and landscaping practices, majorly in commercial areas increased the growth rate for garden equipment over the past half-decade. A similar trend is anticipated to be noticed during the assessment period of 2022-2032. Continuous innovations in electric lawnmowers and the eco-friendliness of lawnmowers act as major drivers for this market.

Thus, comprehending the aforementioned factors, electric lawnmowers in professional landscaping services are projected to grow at 6.8% CAGR during 2022-2032 and are estimated to value around US$ 6.1 Billion in 2022. This segment is projected to cover a share of around 41.4% of the market valuation for lawn mowers by 2022.

Which type of Electric Lawn Mowers will accrue Maximum Revenue?

Under the product type segment, the robotic lawn mower segment is likely to capture the largest market share in 2021. This market segment held more than 38% share and is likely to expand at a growth rate of 6.7% throughout the forecast period.

Swelling technological advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics have piloted the manufacturing of more effective household appliances and reduced human intervention. With an upsurge in the living standards across the globe, there is a rise in sales of robotic lawn mowers that enhance the aesthetics and user experience.

The proliferation of automation processes in the commercial division has boosted the production of autonomous devices, especially in the domestic household segment. These types of equipment offer amplified efficiency and maximum results, often running on a cleaner mode of energy. Aspects like low-noise operation, sensors, self-charging, and durability are likely to propel this market growth.

Competitive Landscape: Top Companies in Electric Lawn Mower Market

Key players in the North American Electric Lawn Mower market are undertaking state-of-the-art manufacturing tools and processes such as using advanced assembly techniques and robotic automation, etc. thereby focusing on the quality and performance enhancement of Electric Lawn Mowers.

They are expanding at a great pace owing to innovation being undertaken in the Lawn Mowers such as incorporating advanced functions and features of Electric Lawn Mowers. Furthermore, prominent players in the Electric Lawn Mower market are also focusing on collaborative activities with other market players in emerging economies along with investing highly in research and development.

For instance :

  • In March 2021, Bosch developed the Indego S+ robotic lawnmower. With Indego S+ and the Bosch Smart Gardening app, the user gets the opportunity to manage their lawn remotely, either via the app or through voice control using Amazon Alexa.
  • In July 2020, Hitachi completed the merger of its joint venture power business unit with ABB Power Grids, known as Power India to gain momentum in the production of electric lawnmowers.

Key Segments Covered in the North America Electric Lawn Mower Market Study

  • North America Electric Lawn Mower Market by Product Type :

    • Ride-On Electric Lawn Mowers
      • Standard Ride-on
      • Zero-turn
      • Lawn Mowers
      • Garden Mowers
    • Walk-behind Electric Lawn Mowers
      • Self-propelled
      • Push
      • Hover
    • Robotic Electric Lawn Mowers
  • North America Electric Lawn Mower Market by Mower Blade Type 

    • Cylinder Blades Electric Lawn Mower
    • Mulching Blades Electric Lawn Mower
    • Standard Blades Electric Lawn Mower
    • Lifting Blades Electric Lawn Mower
  • North America Electric Lawn Mower Market by Cord Type :

    • Corded Electric Lawn Mower
    • Cordless Electric Lawn Mower
  • North America Electric Lawn Mower Market by End User :

    • Electric Lawn Mower for Residential Users
    • Electric Lawn Mower for Professional Landscaping Services
    • Electric Lawn Mower for Golf Courses
    • Electric Lawn Mower for Other End Users
  • North America Electric Lawn Mower Market by Country :

    • U.S Electric Lawn Mower Market
    • Canada Electric Lawn Mower Market
    • Mexico Electric Lawn Mower Market

- FAQs -

What is the expected North America electric lawn mower market scenario in 2022?

The North American value of the Electric Lawn Mower market is estimated to be worth over US$ 5.05 Billion in 2022.

How far is the North American demand expected to reach over the forecasted period?

The demand for electric lawn mowers in North America is anticipated to reach US$ 9.62 Billion by 2032 end.

What was the last 5-year CAGR for the demand in the electric lawn mower market in North America?

From 2017 to 2021, the North America electric lawn mower market grew at a 6.5% CAGR.

Who are the prominent players in the North America Electric Lawn Mower Market?

Some of the prominent players in the Electric Lawn Mower market are Wharton Hardware and Supply, Alaska Pacific Rental, LLC, Morrico Equipment LLC, Center de Camping d'Amos, Progressive Turf Equipment, Inc, etc.

Which is the leading country in the electric lawn mower market across North America?

The United States tops the North America Electric Lawn Mower market accounting for 65% of the overall market share in 2022.

Which electric lawn mower type contributes the maximum share in Electric Lawn Mower Sales?

Robotic electric lawn mowers will contribute 38% market share in North America.

North America Electric Lawn Mower Market

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