Brand Share Analysis

Brand Share Analysis

Achieve heightened brand equity using Fact.MR's brand share analysis services

The success or failure of an organization's business largely depends on the quantity of consumption of the organization's brand by consumers over similar/competing brands in the market. Brand managers are most often concerned about the performance of their brand, and it is imperative for organizations to map the market share of their brand against competitive brands to define strategies for expanding brand value. Brand share analysis is a study of the relative proportion of an organization's brand sales within the target market. It is important to perform brand share analysis with respect to overall market size and revenue forecasts to facilitate informed decision making.

Fact.MR's structured brand share analysis services study the implications of data behavior over time to provide accurate results

Fact.MR utilizes critical brand data gathered from diverse sources, and analyzes this data over a specified time period to provide accurate and relevant interpretations. Organizational performance is subject to ups and downs, and this is directly related to brand performance. We conduct systematic brand share analysis over a projected period, say five or 10 years, to acquire a deep dive into overall brand health, helping you make robust, long-term plans for enhancing your brand share.

The main objective of our brand share analysis services is to provide an overview of the competitive brand landscape and how this will impact your key brand definitions. Through extensive data analytics and research services, we furnish answers to questions such as:

  • Which is the leading brand in a particular industry?
  • What is the current industry growth rate for a specific category?
  • What is the current standing of the market leader - is the brand an undisputed leader in the global market or are there any challenges to revenue growth?
  • Are there any emerging brands that you need to watch out for?
  • Which specific brand is eating into the share of other brands in the global market?
  • What is the nature of the market - is it a consolidated, fragmented, or monopolistic market?

The data we offer is just the tip of the iceberg - we provide interesting insights on what the top market players are doing to increase their brand value share. This information can help you formulate counter strategies to push your brand to the top of the market pile.

Our fact-based services help you identify white space opportunities for timely market entry with a first-mover advantage

With global markets becoming increasingly saturated, organizations are seeking novel growth areas across hitherto untapped regional markets. By analyzing brand share across key industry categories, we help organizations evaluate white spaces that can be tapped into for subsequently increasing brand value share in the global market. Further, by estimating the brand share, we enable organizations to diversify and streamline their brand strategy by providing information on:

  • Source of sales revenue - whether generated from a few specific company brands or from the total offerings portfolio
  • The necessity to streamline brand strategy with respect to improving operational efficiencies

Often times, organizations launch newer and diverse variants of brands at differing price points to tackle markets with fluctuating income levels of the people. In such cases, Fact.MR analyzes brand performance of the newer variants as against the existing brands to facilitate the execution of workable go-to-market strategies. Given the stagnant growth across industries in developing countries and certain developed markets, organizations need to look ahead of primary markets and industry categories. At Fact.MR, we understand that what works today may not work tomorrow, and strategies deployed across certain markets may not necessarily work in other markets. By actively analyzing market potential through a systematic analysis of brand share and company share data, we help you traverse the revenue growth curve and launch your products/services in target markets at the right time.