Channel Satisfaction Surveys

Channel Satisfaction Surveys

Comprehensive channel satisfaction surveys to meet your immediate marketing needs

Channel selection can get cumbersome, being an expensive affair. Companies ought to be aware of the niche requirements of their customers and their internal expertise before selecting an effective sales channel. The selection of channels, be it marketing, distribution, sales or even communication has become extremely tedious, as several angles including marketing, manufacturing, product, and competitive factors need to be taken into consideration. Considering these factors becomes essential, as companies need to formulate a number of key strategic decisions, including selection of an effective channel, feasibility level of channels, degree of channel integration, and intensity level of channels. It is imperative for companies to evaluate the performance level of various channels in order to make modifications to meet long-term targets. Fact.MR's channel satisfaction survey services provide a thorough analysis of the effectiveness of various channels that you can leverage to meet your requirements.

We provide analysis on different marketing avenues suitable for your business

Conventional methods of marketing, distribution, and selling of services, products, and brands have become redundant, as market participants are leveraging the use of the Internet for product promotion. Drastic changes to the business landscape since the recent past, coupled with the pervasiveness of Internet platforms has made it essential for companies to maintain and enhance their online presence. Our channel satisfaction survey team is focused on assessing key growth platforms for the distribution of your products by carrying out feasibility checks of various Internet platforms that you can invest in to get maximum outcomes. We identify and prioritize ideal channels for you. Our channel consultancy expertise helps companies zero in on optimum channels, at the same time making optimal use of capital resources.

Channel advocacy can add value to your business

We carry out channel satisfaction surveys considering the key aspects vital for channel growth as well as company growth. We analyze product demand, sales price, and channel margin needs. This activity helps us identify the optimum channel for the distribution of your products, be it through international or local marketing. Channel satisfaction can be improved by inducing a win-win situation for both, channel members and companies. This way, it will become challenging for your competitors to make inroads in tapping a potential region or a crucial customer base. Our channel satisfaction surveys can also result in you engendering channel loyalty, which, in turn, can result in your business expansion.

We also carry out assessment of our clients' competition channel strategy, which we use to improvise our channel satisfaction offerings in order to serve your current and long-term needs. While carrying out channel satisfaction surveys, Fact.MR's analysts focus on design optimization by considering the 4Cs, namely, control, cost, customers, and coverage.

Efficient channel health assessment can result in favorable business outcomes

Fact.MR's channel satisfaction survey services include channel health assessment. With our channel satisfaction survey services, you can remain equipped with insights on channel performance, needs, and relationships. Our assessment can deliver intelligence apropos a channel's attitude toward our clients that can lead to critical assessment of the most profitable channel. With strong channel relationships - the assessment of which is included in our surveys - you can achieve speed of change, openness of relationship, management commitment, and new ideas for expansion.

Benefit from the correct channel discipline at all times

We also offer intelligence on channel conflicts that might occur while operating in the same marketplace. Conflicts can occur between your internal sales channel and your indirect source of distribution. Our channel satisfaction survey services facilitate minimizing channel conflicts by providing a resourceful assessment of the distribution of specific products that your indirect channel can market, rather than your direct selling force, in terms of cost. Fact.MR's channel satisfaction survey team supports companies in synergizing appropriate channels, thereby facilitating a competitive advantage.