Competitor Profiling

Competitor Profiling

Process business and strategic data about your competition to identify top differentiators and key success metrics

Competition profiling is critical to the business growth of any organization - whether large or small - and is an important component of decision making. Questions such as 'What specific products/services to launch in which geographies?', 'What price points to define at the global and regional level?', and 'What kind of marketing efforts need to be deployed to achieve increased brand outreach?' can be effectively answered by studying the business and marketing strategies of brands offering similar products/services. A critical assessment of the competition is also necessary for effective product planning and to facilitate M&A decisions. By acquiring useful insights on your immediate competition, you can formulate robust defensive or offensive strategies to gain a competitive edge.

Fact.MR's segmented intelligence on the competition to help you SWOT your rivals

At Fact.MR, we believe in capturing various facets of the competition operating in key markets across the globe. We categorize competing firms across industries based on certain broad parameters encompassing product/service offerings, market share, revenue, and price points. By gathering useful data on the market standing, products suite, service offerings, strengths, weaknesses, opportunity areas, and threats of your competition, we provide you with the necessary ammunition to take over your target markets. Some of the typical categories that we slot competitor profiles into include -

  • Competitors offering an identical product/service suite
  • Competitors currently holding major market share
  • Competitors planning to enter diverse untapped regional markets
  • New market entrants with a differentiated value proposition
  • Competitors projecting consistent growth year on year
  • Market players going down the growth curve
  • Competitors with innovative pricing and go-to-market strategies

Leverage Fact.MR's competitor profiling expertise to support your strategy formulation, process implementation, and business expansion frameworks

Competition tracking is an essential component of corporate growth strategy, and many a time, organizations go with informal assumptions and market intuition gathered from not-so-reliable sources. This can place brands at the risk of entering into what we call 'competition blindspots', owing to the absence of systematic competitive intelligence. At Fact.MR, we not only provide in-depth insights on the competition, but also update this intelligence on a regular basis, given the fact that a volatile market scenario dictates frequent changes to strategy in order to succeed in the global market. Fact.MR offers useful insights on -

  • Nature and scope of your target industry
  • Top competitors based on our aforementioned segmentation
  • Identification of key customers and their specific expectations
  • Competition strengths - pertaining to offerings, pricing, services, stock, etc.
  • Weighted analysis of competition success imperatives and subsequent competitor ratings

These insights are invaluable for both, new entrants and established companies who wish to sustain and grow in the global market.

How Fact.MR's competitor profiling services help you stay one up on your adversaries

At Fact.MR, we understand that competitive intelligence is a continued and extended process, necessitating tracking the movements of your rivals across the ecosystem to provide you with the necessary information for informed decision making. Our deep domain expertise and understanding of the businesses of global market leaders across a plethora of industries helps you acquire strategic information on what other players are strategizing to win global brand wars. By presenting a fascia of top market companies with similar offerings as yours, we help you devise strong product, pricing, distribution, and marketing strategies that can facilitate enhanced outreach and cement your brand positioning in the global market.

By deploying exclusive methodologies and research techniques, we gather critical information on your competition, which equips you with the necessary projectiles to outsmart your rivals and emerge successful. We study key competition business objectives, assumptions, business and marketing strategies, and capabilities to identify what drives competitors and the efforts they are taking to reign supreme in the market. This intelligence will help you redefine your strategies and reposition your brand objectives with a view to ensure sustained revenue growth and development.