Market Share Analysis

Market Share Analysis

Leverage Fact.MR's market share analysis services to estimate your global market position vis-a-vis the competition

For organizations to emerge successful and continue to retain a large share of the global market, it is essential to first understand their current standing in terms of the market share held. By comparing this with the competition, brands can take the necessary steps to augment value share by redefining/re-scoping their business objectives, and implementing innovative and powerful marketing strategies. Market share estimation denotes breaking down the global market in terms of percentage to identify the top players holding maximum shares, mid-tier players, as well as the market minnows. This presents a clear picture of the market structure, and is of utmost importance to organizations while drafting growth strategies.

Market share analysis is an essential component of business strategy and should be your primary focus

While market share denotes the extent of revenue share a specific brand holds in relation to the overall market, several important factors influence the estimation of the market share of any organization.

  • Marketing Mix: The 4 Ps - product, price, promotion, and place - constitute the marketing mix. Product involves studying the product design and providing a ranking based on testing and consumer feedback. Price includes analysis of the pricing strategy comprising product life cycle and pricing methodology. Promotion denotes evaluating the various marketing and advertising efforts for efficacy. Place implies the distribution channels through which the product reaches the end consumer, and includes an evaluation of customer service requirements, inventory management, and shipment tracking.
  • Market Concentration: During the process of market share analysis, it is important to study the market concentration, which is essentially a comparison of the share of the leading companies against the total market share. A highly concentrated market is one where a substantially large share of the total market is held by the top three to five companies, while a large number of smaller players with diversified shares are said to constitute a fragmented market. Studying the market concentration helps identify the extent of product/service proliferation in the global market.
  • Market Penetration: This denotes potential consumers who are most likely to purchase a brand's products or services. Market penetration is studied on the basis of certain assumptions that call for an in-depth understanding of the said market. Typically, this involves studying the potential demand for a particular product or service offering based on unmet needs in the global market.

Fact.MR's extensive market share analysis services help you ace the competition matrix

Fact.MR benchmarks your brand sales in a particular market against the competition, thereby providing accurate information on your current standing in the global market. To facilitate enhanced accuracy in determining market share, we study the following key market metrics:

  • Comparable Business Revenue: We analyze data on your total annual revenue specific to your brand definition, and exclude any such revenue that is not directly related to your brand value proposition.
  • Total Market Size: We study data from government repositories, target industry associations, and other important public sources to calculate the total market size of a particular product or service.

Our comprehensive market share analysis services offer a clear picture of how revenue share is distributed in the global market, and provide insights on the kinds of products/services currently dominant in the market; products/services that are lagging behind; and emerging opportunities that lie ahead for existing market players to augment their market share. Our detailed analysis of your brand's market share will corroborate your assessment of your brand positioning in comparison with the current market structure. You can further use our market share analysis to track the trends likely to emerge in the global market, especially with respect to what your competition plans to do to grab an increased share of the market.

We follow a systematic process of estimating the market share - incorporating information gathered from trusted sources to provide precise and objective results backed by timely and relevant quality checks. By periodically studying critical market movements, we identify key shifts that may not be directly evident from revenue estimation, thereby enabling you to make the necessary changes to your business and market strategies.