Price Benchmarking

Price Benchmarking

Uphold your competitive price point with Fact.MR's price benchmarking services

Pricing is a crucial factor that governs the new product development initiatives of organizations, and by studying the pricing structure of competing products and services, brands can determine an optimal pricing framework for their offerings to sustain and succeed in the global market. It is important for organizations to study their pricing structure in the context of the competition to ensure correct brand positioning and market relevancy. You need to define critical price benchmarks, especially when competing with several players in the global market, as pricing is an important aspect that will lead to wider product acceptance, and consequently enhanced customer loyalty.

The process behind price benchmarking - what organizations need to do

Organizations should factor in pricing while balancing profit margins to succeed amidst a wide range of competing products and services with competitive price points. Smart enterprises analyze and identify innovative ways to bring about improvements in their pricing strategies, along with deploying robust processes that can enhance brand presence and equity in the global market. Price benchmarking is a critical tool to determine prices and also assess the positioning of top market rivals. A typical price benchmarking activity involves planning (selecting the right process and partner), analyzing (gathering data and identifying process gaps), and implementing (developing and implementing improvement strategies and reviewing progress).

Setting clear price benchmarks is beneficial in several ways. Not only will it help you determine the ideal pricing for your products and/or services, but will also help you launch your offerings with the correct pricing to outpace the competition. Price benchmarking will enable you to understand what your target customer base is ready to pay for your products/services, and also help you closely monitor what prices your immediate competitors are charging for a similar offering. Systematic market intelligence on the competition can assist you in benchmarking your pricing with that of the competitors, and implement optimal pricing strategies.

How can you use price benchmarking to beat the competition?

Price benchmarking can make or break a business; by carefully studying the pricing anomalies in the global market, organizations can redefine their prices and go to the market with a strong brand value proposition to challenge rival brands. Price benchmarking can assist you in gaining useful insights on the various cost aspects, and identify critical forces that impact organizational pricing models. It is important to associate with a dedicated partner who can provide the necessary market intelligence on competition pricing to help you determine an ideal pricing framework for all your products and/or services. A reliable partner with the relevant data mining and analytics expertise is imperative to the success of any price benchmarking initiative.

How can Fact.MR assist you in meeting your price benchmarking objectives?

Price benchmarking is a continuous process, as the prices of products and services are susceptible to change periodically, owing to several factors. To be successful, you need to map your prices with the various shifts in consumer demand and preferences, while keeping a close watch on what the competition is up to. Fact.MR provides real-time insights on the competition, including critical information pertaining to the pricing structure of similar offerings in the global market, to help brands make the necessary changes to their existing pricing framework.

At Fact.MR, we validate global supplier pricing approaches in keeping with industry best practices, and compare these to other fixed and flexible pricing models currently adopted across industries. Our analysts further provide critical insights on the various pricing trends governing the global market, and help you assess potential price optimization areas that can be proposed to end consumers. If you are planning to enter newer geographies, our price benchmarking services will provide you with more clarity on the cost structure prevalent in diverse geographies, thereby enabling you to gauge the financial feasibility of entering specific regional markets and devise appropriate pricing strategies pertaining to the targeted geographies.