Shipment Analysis

Shipment Analysis

Transparent shipment analysis that gives you accurate analysis on demand-supply equations

Fact.MR’s shipment analysis solutions offer accurate and unbiased information on the total volume of products shipped to end users. With Fact.MR’s accurate analysis by your side, you will be in a position to make decisions based on hard facts, rather than assumptions and vague notions.

Organizations around the world have access to volumes of historical data. However, only a few are able to extract real insights from those databases. A number of market research organizations are competent in providing shipment data to their clients. However, in today’s hyper-competitive environment, it is important to analyze the data.

Our team of experienced market research professionals examines shipment volumes through a number of perspectives and tools. We dig deep to unearth and examine shipment data by product and stock keeping units (SKUs). Analysis of shipment volumes in local markets and smaller geographical areas is done to arrive at accurate numbers and volumes.

At Fact.MR, we are not merely content with the 'how' of shipment analysis. We also want to know the 'why' – we are of the belief that knowing the 'why' of shipment analysis can go a long way in understanding the opportunities and risks in modern-day supply chains.

Our shipment analysis also includes shipment analysis through channels of distribution. The analysis includes rigorous and unbiased assessment through a number of consumer point of contacts. Shipment channels are grouped and categorized on a number of parameters in a bid to offer holistic analysis to the clients

Fact.MR’s holistic analysis includes aggregation of shipments through various distribution channels. The holistic aggregation of total shipments gives your business the critical edge in understanding trends early. We offer quarter-to-quarter and year-to-year comparisons on shipment volumes to understand lucrative and sluggish shipment channels. Efficient tracking of sales volumes by SKUs, brands, product categories, and distribution channels can be of paramount importance in envisaging a coherent strategy.

Efficient tracking of sales data that brings new insights to the fore

Fact.MR’s experienced team of analysts strive to bring new insights to the fore. In addition to thorough analysis on total shipments, our researchers also track sales data on a relative basis. Our sales data analysis includes a meticulous assessment on the per capita sales in a market. To offer accurate analysis, our analysts review and track per capita sales on the basis of various demographics, such as males, females, adult, children, income groups, etc.

We also offer sales data analysis on the basis of relativity to economic data. To understand the prevailing status-quo in a market, our analysts compare unit sales to various economic parameters, such as GDP, purchasing power parity, total energy consumption, and other macroeconomic statistics.

Gain access to Fact.MR’s analytical databases and prime your business for success

Although the data boom has given organizations access to voluminous data, the stark reality is that, harnessing real insights from these databases remains a challenge across industries and geographies. At Fact.MR, we have collaborated with a number of organizations facing challenges related to database management. Our affordable subscription services give you access to neatly organized databases that offer a wealth of information at just one click. In addition to statistics and figures on historical shipment and sales data, we also offer insights on a granular level on competitors, pricing information, distribution levels, and demographic data.

Fact.MR’s shipment analysis is tailored to offer you credible and accurate insights that you can fuel into your strategy development. Our analysts continuously track shipments across a range of touchpoints to ensure that you are always in the know. Armed with Fact.MR’s accurate and unbiased analysis, you can make decisions with a higher degree of certainty.