Social Media Research

Social Media Research

Effective assessment of consumer behavior using social media research

Social media offers potential growth opportunities for businesses to connect with their target audience. Social media has been gaining high traction, as consumers use various social media platforms to interact with one another regarding their experience about a particular product or service. Online conversations are an ocean of information that business can use to gain insights and earn profits.

Fact.MR's social media research support can help you make informed decisions from a strategic standpoint. Our highly experienced team of social media research experts continually track various social media platforms to assess consumer behavior with respect to the concerned product. We provide a multitude of social media research solutions geared towards facilitating our clients with a thorough understanding of various social media trends. Our social media assessment services provide valuable insights, both, during and after social marketing campaigns.

Garnering consumer sentiments/mentions apropos of product preferences and attitudes

The social media research services offered by Fact.MR deliver vital real-time insights on information flow across different regions, communities, markets, and channels. Our social media research services support you in identifying consumer behavior, including product preferences, attitudes towards products / services, and opinions that can be used to modify the brand offering to gain high traction in future. We help you in gauging consumer sentiments during an intermittent incident, such as new concept introduction or product launches. In addition, Fact.MR's social media research services track the adoption rates of services and products, spotting the most sold or the least in terms of demand.

Delivering results by carrying out intricate functions

Fact.MR specializes in using high quality research and analysis to offer clients with a complete understanding of various social media conversations and developments. We ensure that our social media research services translate into profitable actions as we deliver results by:

  • Continuously tracking topics that are highly trending
  • Providing search-based social media monitoring
  • Analyzing the performance of different online marketing campaigns
  • Offering extensive sentiment analysis
  • Providing behavior and attitude analysis of various types of consumers
  • Developing dashboards to assess and monitor social media intelligence
  • Curating content that can be shared on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
  • Providing a regional level, country level, and city level analysis on consumer concentration that could yield profits
  • Curating overall social mentions about a particular brand offering
  • Providing intelligence on which social media platform you need to invest in to market your products and services

Real-time research provides the much needed value addition

We conduct real-time research to unearth various cross-platform social media insights. Fact.MR creates strategies and benchmarks for clients by processing valuable end-user data. With Fact.MR's social media monitored data mining services, clients are well equipped with powerful insights and metrics pertaining to various market segments, to eventually take strategic decisions.

Our robust social media research analytics measures the success of an organization's social media campaigns used for marketing. We analyze how these discussions can be translated into value, ultimately delivering real business profits. In addition, Fact.MR's social media research analysts assess the complementing nature of social media research with respect to an organization's customary marketing efforts.

Fact.MR supports you by saving your valuable time as we deep dive into the ocean of social media to glean pertinent data in order to deliver efficient and quicker social media insights. We offer research reports that seamlessly align with the needs of our tier clients, supporting them in running their potential businesses and in achieving significant breakthroughs. We add value to your internal research by providing in-depth analysis on campaigns and event performance, along with brand tracking. Such multiple monitoring, analyzing, and reporting activities make us stand out from the rest of our competitors, with our sole motive being persistent client servicing.