Technology Briefs

Technology Briefs

Fact.MR’s comprehensive technology briefs offer in-depth information on the technologies transforming today’s industries. We offer you credible information on key technological innovations, and their impact on processes and strategies around the globe.

Our technology brief services are aimed at helping you gain a clear understanding of the various factors at play in today’s tech-oriented landscape. From vendor profiling, spectrum analysis, cybersecurity analysis, internal segmentation, channel selection analysis, and infrastructure analysis, our coverage is exhaustive and comprehensive.

Fact.MR also offers brief summaries of cutting-edge research on state-of-the art methods, snapshots on emerging technologies, in-depth case studies, and comprehensive coverage on new research results.

As an influential market research and consulting firm, Fact.MR collaborates with IT companies, third-party vendors, and technology leaders during the introduction of a new product or service. We consistently scour for information pertaining to changing business models, mergers & acquisitions, new product launches, and important developments in the IT world.

Technology briefings are symbiotic for both, vendors and research analysts. The former has an opportunity to offer information about its products and services, whereas the latter get credible insights that can be leveraged to offer reliable information.

You can request a technology briefing with Fact.MR's analysts by contacting us through email or phone. Our market research specialists work with vendors from all over the globe. Please give us two-three weeks to process your request for technology briefing.

Technology briefings are usually between 30 to 45 minutes. Fact.MR usually conducts technology briefings over the phone (audio) or through video conferencing platforms. All technology briefings are recorded and an intimation about the same is offered to vendors before the commencement of the briefing.

Fact.MR respects your privacy and confidentiality. In cases where vendors do not want to have certain information about their products and services in the public domain, our non-disclosure agreement (NDA) comes into effect. More information about the non-disclosure agreement regarding technology briefings is provided to vendors through discussion prior to the scheduled date of the call.