Motocross riding has witnessed a massive rise in its demand in the past few years. This happened mainly because riders could buy 300-400 CC bikes at a comparatively cheaper price. Along with this, there has been a substantial increase in awareness of safe riding precautions. With the Covid-19 pandemic, the world saw a huge economic recession. The pandemic showed a series of events that affected a multiple number of industries. 

With the outbreak of novel Corona Virus and worldwide lockdowns, the indoor activities increased for people. This led to a decline in the sales of accessories in motocross riding. However, in the later part of the year, there were some events and the lockdown restrictions became less severe in some parts of the world, which induced some momentum in the field. Covid 19 has increased the inclination of people towards a healthy and fit lifestyle. This inclination has led to an increase in the number of riders and users of motocross gears. 

Fortunately, as per the reports, the Motocross Riding Gear Market is projected to grow between 2020-2027. Covid-19 impacted the market only for a while as the importance of fitness prevailed even after the virus turned the world upside down. The motocross riders continue to train even after 2020 as they believe that there are a lot of benefits of riding a motocross bike for 30-40 minutes every day. The training improves your cardiovascular health and keeps you mentally and physically fit. 

In the post covid-19 world, the motocross gears are expected to be redesigned and the “innovation” factor is going to change the entire market. As mentioned above, the awareness of safe riding is also increasing with the increase in motocross riding activities. Manufacturers manufacturing the motocross Jackets, Gloves, Helmets, Jerseys, Protective gears and other items are witnessing a booming market expansion. Manufacturers are setting different trends in the market by adding the style and fashion elements to the motocross gears being manufactured to attract more consumers. To keep up with the trends, the riders are adapting and changing with the evolving market scenarios. 

To operate properly, the Pro Motocross Task Force issued a set of guidelines to ensure best safety practices in the motorsports events. The federal guidelines include proper social distancing while maintaining the standards of the sport. If the protocols are followed decently, the return of riding will possibly expedite. The technical and medical motocross teams are working towards a safe riding environment. The demand for motocross gears is going to rise with an increase in the adoption of safety measures. The market is getting competitive and the key players in the motocross gear market are expanding and innovating their products massively. 

Some of the key players are Alpinestars SpA, Arai Helmet, Inc., Dainese SpA, FLY Racing, Fox Head, Inc., Motorsport Aftermarket Group and Schuberth GmbH.