With technological advances, we hear or see the side-effects of technology which affects us through different channels. In this context, Anna Bawden of the Guardian said that she was relieved when she was asked to judge this year’s AbilityNet Tech4Good awards. She explained about the awards that it focuses on individuals and organizations that are using technology to make this world a much better place.

She was delighted to report some of the remarkable tech entrepreneurs who were working to create a better digital future. Of the eight categories, following are some winners which were announced on 11th July 2017:

  • Bristol Braille Technology – The winner of accessibility award, this Braille electronic reader is truly a great example of using technology for empowerment. The earlier electronic readers just offered a single line of text. The Bristol Braille Technology will shortly launch the device which is currently tried out in Britain and Ireland. The electronic readers are expected to be launched in the United States soon.
  • Chatterbox - Mursal Hedayat of Afghanistan, developed this website for language tutoring for the refugees in UK searching for assistance in language skills which also recruits, trains and supports talented individuals to work as tutors.
  • Fizzyo – A wireless sensor developed by Haiyan Zhang to study the efficacy of physiotherapy exercises in long term. This sensor is developed in coordination with Great Ormond Street hospital, and is expected to be trailed in over 100 homes in the UK.
  • C the Signs – To detect potential symptoms of cancer in a very short time, two Doctors of Kings College London, developed C the signs app for smart phones and a website where a GP can assess patient’s symptom and get to see whether the patient needs certain medical tests or he is to be referred to others specializing hospitals. And this whole process is done within a short span of time which helps the doctor with improved diagnosis of cancer.
  • Sky Badger – A social media platform extending help to parents for the disabled children through website 7 social media platforms.
  • Praekelt’sMomConnect – To access vital information and advice, using mobile phones, to improve maternal health during pregnancy is a major contribution of Praekelt’s MomConnect App in sub-Saharan Africa.