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Shaped Liquid Cartons Market

Shaped Liquid Cartons Market

Shaped Liquid Cartons Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Market Insights 2019 to 2027

Shaped Liquid Cartons Market
  • Sep-2019
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  • Consumer Goods

Eco-friendly And Recyclable Properties of Shaped Liquid Cartons to Boost Sales

The global shaped liquid cartons market is expected to witness a promising growth over the forecast period on the backdrop of the rising global beverage industry and growing demand for eco-friendly and recyclable shaped liquid cartons in the end use sectors.

The global market for shaped liquid cartons is anticipated to add over 2,500 Mn units by 2019 over 2018 with Y-o-Y increment of more than 6%. Furthermore, liquid food products are usually packaged using plastics, which are derived from non-renewable resources and involve high CO2 emissions.

Governments across the globe have implemented stringent regulations to reduce carbon emissions. Thus, the packaging solution providers are shifting their focus from conventional forms of packaging to eco-friendly packaging products in the shaped liquid cartons market.

The rising demand of eco-friendly and recyclable materials in packaging industry is projected to boost the growth of global shaped liquid cartons market over the forecast period.

Increasing Modern Retail and Consumer Preference towards Convenience Food

The retail industry in developing countries such as India, China and Malaysia have shown a substantial transformation, with a significant rise in the number of retail formats such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, online retail and convenience stores.

Increasing disposable income, a fast life style and lesser time spent in kitchens is leading to the increased consumption of packaged foods & beverages. The growing need for packaged food is rapidly increasing consumer preference towards convenience food which is in turn driving the demand for packaging formats such as shaped liquid cartons.

Furthermore, the growing innovations in shapes and materials of packaging is also among the key factors drawing the consumer attention in the shaped liquid cartons market space. For instance, on 26th June 2019, Elopak Inc.,

one of the prominent manufacturers of shaped liquid cartons launched a new shaped liquid carton with no closures. The company is focusing on 100% renewability and eco-friendly products to gain a competitive advantage in the global shaped liquid cartons market.

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Increased Shelf Life, a Major Growth Engine for Shaped Liquid Packaging

Shelf life is one of the main aspects of packaging. A longer shelf life of the product drives the process of distributing and supplying products easily and efficiently.

The high barrier feature of shaped liquid cartons helps increase shelf life of liquid products, minimizes liquid waste, and effectively helps to cut back on delivery frequency.

Another issue with unpackaged liquid food is that they can be easily tampered with. Shaped liquid cartons are tamper resistant and also have tamper evident seals, which makes them a preferred option for packaging of liquid products.

Additionally, the dynamic shapes of shaped liquid cartons provide an effective means of stacking and can efficiently utilize the space. These above mentioned factors play an important role in the growth of the global shaped liquid cartons market.

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Plastic Packaging, a Potential Stumbling Block for Shaped Liquid Cartons Market Growth

Plastic packaging is involved in almost all aspects of life and simplifies the transport of a wide range of drinks, food & other goods.

There is substantial potential for new applications of plastics that could offer various benefits such as cost effectiveness, light weight, corrosion resistance and high electrical and thermal insulation properties owing to which, the demand of plastic in packaging industry is expected to register substantial growth as compared to shaped liquid cartons in the forthcoming years.

Easy availability of plastic alternatives and high costs associated with shaped liquid cartons can inhibit market growth to a certain extent.

shaped liquid cartons market 02

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Innovative Shapes, a Key Focus Area for Prominent Players

Shaped liquid cartons are considered to be a prominent tool for advertising and promoting the product. The differentiating factor of shape in shaped liquid cartons is considered to be a tool to stand apart from their competitor and create brand awareness.

Thus, the prominent manufacturers in the global shaped liquid cartons market are shifting their focus towards innovative shaped liquid cartons in order to fulfill the desired requirement of brand owners. For instance:

  • Tetra Pak introduced the Tetra Evero Aseptic — the world’s first aseptic carton bottle for milk. This shaped liquid cartons package intended for white milk combines the easy handling and pouring of a bottle with the environmental and cost advantages of a carton.
  • SIG Combibloc Group Ltd., a leading manufacturer of shaped liquid cartons offers an innovative new design, combishape carton packaging in which multiple components are shaped into the final form.
  • ELOPAK AS, a leading player in the shaped liquid cartons market is offering Pure-Pak® Diamond, a new unique shape packaging for fresh and high acid aseptic products. The design features of Pure-Pak® diamond shaped liquid cartons can be used for effective brand differentiation.

Moreover, in the global shaped liquid cartons market the innovative product offerings is one of the key strategies followed by the industry giants to gain significant market share in the global shaped liquid cartons market.

Additionally, some of the key players in the global shaped liquid cartons market are also focusing on expanding their market reach in developing potential markets like, China, India, etc.

The prominent manufacturers in the shaped liquid cartons market such as, SIG Combibloc Group Ltd., Tetra Pak International S.A., etc. recently announced the expansion of their production in East Asia region.

Shaped Liquid Cartons Market: In-Depth Assessment on Key Segments-

The global shaped liquid cartons market is segmented by capacity, material, opening, application and region.


  • Less than 200 ml
  • 200-500 ml
  • More Than 500 ml
  • Uncoated Paperboard
  • LDPE Coated
  • Aluminum
  • Cut Opening
  • Straw Hole Opening
  • Clip Opening
  • Twist Opening
  • King Twist Opening
  • Dairy Products
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Carbonated Soft Drinks
  • Fruit Juices
  • Other Applications
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • East Asia
  • South Asia & Oceania
  • MEA

Country-specific assessment on demand for the shaped liquid cartons has been provided for each regional market, along with the market size valuation and forecast price point assessment, price index and impact analysis of key regional and country-wise dynamics, which were obtained through quotes from numerous shaped liquid cartons manufacturers, experts and suppliers. Y-o-Y growth projections have also been offered on all regional markets incorporated in the report.

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