Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether Market

Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether (MTBE) Market Analysis, By Product Type (Oxygenate, Derivative Grade), By Application (Reformulated Gasoline, Solvents, Extraction), By End-use Industry (Oil & Gas, Polymers, Chemicals) - Global Market Insights 2022 to 2032

Analysis of Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether market covering 30 + countries including analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether Market Outlook (2022-2032)

Worldwide consumption of methyl tertiary-butyl ether is estimated at US$ 14.7 Bn in 2022. The global methyl tertiary-butyl ether market is predicted to expand a CAGR of 4.6% to surpass US$ 23.1 Bn by 2032.

Report Attributes


Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether Market Size (2021A)

US$ 14.1 Bn

Estimated Market Value (2022E)

US$ 14.7 Bn

Forecasted Market Value (2032F)

US$ 23.1 Bn

Global Market Growth Rate (2022-2032)

4.6% CAGR

Asia Pacific Market Share (2021)


Asia Pacific Growth Rate (2022-2032)

~5.4% CAGR

India Growth Rate (2022-2032)

~5.6% CAGR

Market Share of Top 5 Companies


Key Companies Profiled

  • Wanhua Chemical Group Co. Ltd.
  • Huntsman Corporation
  • Qatar Fuel Additives Company
  • Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore
  • Akzo Nobel
  • BP Plc
  • S.C Carom S.A.
  • Evonik Industries AG
  • LyondellBasell Industries Holdings B.V.
  • Reliance Industries Ltd.
  • Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad

Market growth of methyl tertiary-butyl ether is mainly due to its wide usage as a fuel preservative in gasoline engines and rising application in several end-use industries.

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Consumption Analysis of Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether (2017-2021) in Comparison to Market Growth Forecasts (2022-2032)

Methyl tertiary-butyl ether is a flammable liquid used as an unleaded gasoline additive, and increases octane and oxygen levels in gasoline while reducing emissions. It is derived from methanol and isobutylene, and is blended with gasoline to produce cleaner fuels for use across several developing countries.

Adoption of methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE) is banned in some developed countries, but its growth is anticipated to remain steady in developing nations such as China, Mexico etc. This chemical compound is the second-most employed gasoline oxygenate and is highly effective as an octane enhancer, and comes with cost benefits.

All these factors are likely to provide a gain of 123 BPS to the MTBE market during the forecast years of 2022-2032.

  • Short-run (2022 Q2 to 2025): MTBE being effective as an octane enhancer and a fuel additive in gasoline engines is likely to support market demand in the short term.
  • Medium-run (2025-2028): In the medium term, MTBE demand is anticipated to grow through its use as an anti-knocking agent and as an octane booster in gasoline-fueled engines.
  • Long-run (2028-2032): The market is anticipated to observe slow growth in the long term because of moderate usage of methyl tertiary-butyl ether across countries.

Fact.MR projects the methyl tertiary-butyl ether market to witness growth at 4.6% CAGR during 2022 and 2032 in comparison to 3.1% CAGR from 2017 to 2021.

Methyl tertiary butyl ether market forecast by Fact.MR

This image provides market share analysis of application, end-use industry, and region in a nutshell. Under the application segment, reformulated gasoline dominated the market by holding 39.8% share in 2021.

What Lies Ahead for Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether Manufacturers?

“Characteristics, Economic-viability, and Enhanced Application to Support MTBE Demand”

MTBE, or methyl tertiary-butyl ether, is adopted widely as a fuel additive in gasoline engines because of its property of high oxygen content, coupled with greater adoption by refining companies due to its blending characteristics and economic viability.

MTBE is used in industrial engines to enable complete combustion of fuel, leading to reduction in knocking in the engine, thus improving machinery lifespan in the automotive industry and in medical applications for dissolving gallstones.

Market demand is likely to increase 1.6X during the forecast years as it is used for processing to extract isobutylene for manufacturing butyl rubber, poly-isobutylene, methyl methacrylate etc., which, in turn, find enhanced application in several end-use industries such as automotive, industrial, electronics, etc.

However, sometimes, gasoline leakages containing MTBE lead to groundwater contamination, due to which, stringent regulations have been implemented. This is likely to restrain market demand by 0.4X over the decade.

“Attractive Replacement of Aromatics Likely to Fuel Demand”

MTBE is a replacement of aromatics utilized in gasoline due to its availability as an affordable feedstock and its property of reducing vehicular emissions. It is also a cost-effective replacement for toxic fuel components such as olefins, benzene, lead, and sulphur.

Owing to expanding production capacities of two downstream products of MTBE, isobutylene-isoprene rubber (IIR) and methyl methacrylate (MMA), demand for methyl tertiary-butyl ether is likely to expand over the coming years.

In addition to this, oxygenate production is seeking greater adoption of bio-MTBE, which utilizes bio-methanol from renewable sources as it is considered as an attractive compound in biofuel landscape. Therefore, devoid of any compatibility issues, bio-MTBE holds potential usage over the coming years, supporting market growth by ~24% during the forecast years of 2022-2032.

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Region-wise Insights

How is the Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether Market Progressing in North America and Europe?

The North America methyl tertiary-butyl ether market and Europe methyl tertiary-butyl ether market account for 26.9% and 25.1% market share, respectively, and are set to register 4.8% and 4.4% CAGRs during the period of forecast.

Growth in these regions is mainly attributed to steady expansion of the refinery sector coupled with MTBE’s anti-knocking properties that are well-suited well to reduce wear & tear of heavy-duty machinery in the refinery sector.

Why is Asia Pacific a Huge Market for Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether?

The Asia Pacific methyl tertiary-butyl ether market holds 39.7% of the global market share.

The East Asia and South Asia & Oceania methyl tertiary-butyl ether markets are expected to expand at 5.2% and 5.6% CAGRs, respectively, during the forecast years of 2022-2032.

Asia Pacific is likely to lead the market over the coming years due to India and China being major MTBE consumers because of the presence of a large number of vehicles in these countries. Along with this, environmental protection policies here are relatively less stringent as compared to other countries, which bodes well for MTBE manufacturers’ penetration in the Asia Pacific region.

Category-wise Insights

Why Does Application of MTBE in Reformulated Gasoline Need the Focus of Market Players?

The methyl tertiary-butyl ether market, under application, is segmented into reformulated gasoline, solvents, extraction, and other applications.

Reformulated gasoline holds 39.8% of overall market share. The segment is projected to register 5.4% CAGR as it has a great oxygen content raising property, which is trending globally.

Also, the reformulation of gasoline with the help of MTBE as a fuel additive is seeing extensive adoption in the oil & gas and marine sectors.

Which End-use Sector Accounts for Highest Demand for Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether Market?

Under the end-use industry segment, the methyl tertiary-butyl ether market is segmented into polymers, chemicals, oil & gas, and others. The oil & gas sector dominates the market by holding 36.7% market share.

Escalating demand for gasoline and additives is fueling market growth of this segment. The segment is likely to be dominant during the forecast years and expand at 5.2% CAGR on the back of the industrial sector accounting for a large amount of gasoline, creating demand for MTBE as a fuel additive.

Polymers and chemicals, which hold 29.8% and 23.2% market share, respectively, are poised to register 4.8% and 4.4% CAGRs during the forecast years.

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Competitive Landscape: Top Companies in Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether Market

The global methyl tertiary-butyl ether market is highly competitive and fragmented because of the presence of numerous regional and international players. Mergers & acquisitions, expansions, partnerships, and collaborations are being adopted by key players in the industry.

For instance :

  1. Huntsman Corporation, in 2020, completed the sale of Indorama Ventures, which is the chemical intermediates and surfactants businesses of the company. This transaction is likely to reduce the capital-intensive asset base of the company along with bolstering its balance sheet and expanding flexibility and opportunity for strategic and accretive acquisitions
  2. Akzo Nobel N.V., in 2022, completed the acquisition of Grupo Orbis, which is likely to strengthen the company’s position in Latin America.

Fact.MR has provided detailed information about the price points of key manufacturers in methyl tertiary-butyl ether market positioned across regions, sales growth, production capacity, and speculative technological expansion, in the recently published report.

Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether Industry Survey by Category

  • Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether Market by Product Type :

    • Oxygenate
    • Derivative Grade
  • Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether Market by Application :

    • Reformulated Gasoline
    • Solvents
    • Extraction
    • Other Applications
  • Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether Market by End-use Industry :

    • Oil & Gas
    • Polymers
    • Chemicals
    • Others
  • Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether Market by Region :

    • North America Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether Market
    • Latin America Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether Market
    • Europe Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether Market
    • East Asia Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether Market
    • South Asia & Oceania Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether Market
    • MEA Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether Market

- FAQs -

How is the global methyl tertiary-butyl ether market progressing?

The global methyl tertiary-butyl ether market is estimated at US$ 14.7 Bn in 2022, and is anticipated to surpass US$ 23.1 Bn by 2032-end.

What was the last 5-year CAGR for the demand for MTBE?

During 2017-2021, global methyl tertiary-butyl ether demand increased at 3.1% CAGR.

Which methyl tertiary-butyl ether suppliers lead the market?

Prominent methyl tertiary-butyl ether manufacturers are Wanhua Chemical Group Co. Ltd., Huntsman Corporation, Qatar Fuel Additives Company, Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore, and Akzo Nobel

Which region leads the global MTBE market?

Asia Pacific tops the global methyl tertiary-butyl ether market accounting for 39.7% market share in 2022.

Which application drives most methyl tertiary-butyl ether sales?

Reformulated gasoline holds 39.8% share in the global sales of methyl tertiary-butyl ether.

Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether Market

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