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Vertical Gear Motor Market

Vertical Gear Motor Market

Vertical Gear Motor Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Review 2021 to 2031

Vertical Gear Motor Market

Vertical Gear Motor Market: Overview

The global demand for vertical gear motors witnessed a massive downfall in the first half of 2020 on account of lockdown and social distancing barriers implemented due to the spread of corona virus disease throughout the world. Big as well as small manufacturing companies went through a worst phase and suffered heavy losses in 2020. To overcome the previous losses, business firms in 2021 are focusing on research and developments to ensure uniquesness in their services.


Vertical gear motor is a type of electric motors that utilize a gear system on the output of the motor. Integration of gear reducer or gearbox in an electric motor lowers costs and design complexity, particularly for machines built for low speed applications and high torque. Vertical gear motor has been gaining increasing application in machines for several industries such as food & beverages, construction, and metal processing which is directly influencing the growth of its global market. The vertical gear motor market is likely to witness robust growth in the coming years with growing number of renewable energy projects.

As compared to conventional pump drive technologies, vertical gear motor is highly efficient for low-speed vertical pumping applications and offers various significant advantages. These are the key factors responsible for the growth of vertical gear motor market. In addition, reduced capital cost as well as maintenance costs are expected to auger well with the development of vertical gear motor market.

Further, Growing river water extraction activities for agricultural purposes is likely to favor vertical gear motor market growth. Manufacturers of vertical gear motor are focusing on product innovation using advanced technology to produce the highest-quality and energy-efficient products which will possibly enhance the lucrativeness of the market.

Growing Demand for Industrial Machinery to Impact Growth of Vertical Gear Motor Market

Vertical gear motors form an inherent component of machines in various industrial sectors including Construction & Metal processing, Food & Beverage, and Transport & Packaging. Past few years have demonstrated industrial demand undercut by political uncertainty and slack in energy markets. Currently, the cyclical nature of demand for industrial machinery is being influenced by synchronized global expansion backdrop. International Monetary Fund (IMF) delivered its outlook on the global economy, estimating a 3.6% growth in 2017. In addition, the global economic growth in 2018 is envisaged at 3.7%, projecting 4.9% for developing countries and 2% for developed nations.

Continuous advancements in technologies implemented across industrial sectors such as mining and agriculture sustain demand robustness for relevant machinery. Additionally, healthy rise in demand for packaged food & beverage products worldwide, particularly in developing countries, have been significantly reflecting on the utilization of sophisticated food processing & packaging equipment. Heavy construction machinery is also witnessing increased demand on the coattails of robust infrastructure development and construction activities worldwide.

Growing demand for industrial machinery has encouraged companies in the global vertical gear motor market to focus on new product development and product innovation for keeping up with the upward trend. For example, Wenzhou Qiaobang Precision Machine Co., Ltd., a prominent geared motor manufacturer, has recently launched its 2.2 kW AC Vertical Helical Gear Motor, designed with high stiffness and contact ratio for reducing operational noise. This motor also features high radial capacity bearing, and triple lip seal to prevent leakage.

Demand for Vertical Gear Motor to Remain Influenced by River Water Extraction Application

Extraction of river water has remained imperative for agriculture, household, and industrial applications. Long before industrial revolution, manufacturers have remained dependent on extracted water from local streams and rivers for applications ranging from paper making to energy generation. Modern water extraction systems, however, incorporate treatment processes for ensuring compliance of extracted water with process control, safety, and quality standards.

A wide range of matter, from plant debris & algae to aquatic fauna, is carried by natural river water, and therefore filtration processes are required for removing these materials before using the water for residential or industrial purposes. As, vertical gear motor plays a key role in the river water extraction & filtration systems, manufacturers have been constantly making improvements in their products to gain a competitive edge. For example, Bauer Gear Motor, a leading stakeholder in the global vertical gear motor market, has recently introduced its IP68 rated vertical gear motors that are completely impervious and submersible to dust ingress and water.

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Customized Solutions to Drive Development of Vertical Gear Motor

Increasing emphasis on customized solutions for gear motors is the primary design & development determinant for vertical gear motors. The direct implication of the emphasis for manufacturers is the simplification of integration into mechanical designs. These trends have prompted gear motor manufacturers to provide their customers with more simplicity. In the wake of new applications, suppliers are concentrating more on design changes, such as that in new battery-powered designs.

For example, engineers at Bodine Electric are developing & testing gear motors (vertical and horizontal) with optimized motors and windings, in a bid to impart efficient operation in battery-powered and outdoor systems even at lower voltages. Design enhancements comprise new magnetic configurations for optimizing performance at lower voltages, and new winding configurations optimized to comply with low resistance.

Customization also involves more integration upfront. A prime example of such integration is vertical gear motor with actuators that is designed for definite purposes such as wheel drives, rotating actuators, and lift actuators. In addition, vertical gear motors with integrated controllers enable the envelope in being more compact, and eliminate wiring required between the motor and the controller.

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Key Manufacturers Developments

  • ORIENTAL MOTOR USA CORP. has recently launched its DSC gear motor series, which feature high strength parallel shaft, electromagnetic brake type suited for vertical operations. The DSC vertical gear motor series facilitate installation and offer several performance benefits with high reliability.

LUYANG Technology Co., Ltd.’s new series of vertical flange motor integrated with helical gear reducer feature impact structure and offer high torque performance, low vibration, and low temperature rise. Called as L Series - LV18 / LV22 / LV28 / LV32 / LV40 / LV50, LUYANG’s new vertical gear motors cater specific application requirements, such as automation machine, food machine, medical equipment, packaging machine, and conveyor belt equipmen

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