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Dispensing Jug Market

Dispensing Jug Market

Dispensing Jug Market Forecast, Trends Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Review 2021 to 2031

Dispensing Jug Market

Dispensing Jug Market

The global dispensing jug market is expected to rise at a CAGR of ~6.1%, during the assessment period. A new forecast by Fact.MR estimates that dispensing jug market revenues will nearly double between 2021 and 2031. The demand for dispensing jug will accelerate with top 5 providers holding 10-15% of global market in 2021.

Dispensing Jug Market: An Overview

Factors driving demand for the dispensing jug market are easy usage, portability, installation process, and low maintenance cost. Scarcity of water in many regions has led to an increase in demand for safe drinking water subsequently leading to increasing in dispenser jug sales and increasing market growth.

Low maintenance along with simple cleaning processes contribute to the product demand. An increase in the number of purchases in summers and health concerns due to increasing water pollution levels will reinforce the product demand.

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What Factors Will Augment the Market Growth of Dispensing Jug Market?

Increasing demand for clean storage of water, creating a healthy environment for the general public will augment the growth for demand for dispensing jugs in the future. Portability and an easy cleaning process are clear advantages of dispensing jugs.

The need for cleaner water and the rise of microbial growth in water storage systems has resulted in the requirement of cleaner and safer storage products. Moreover, international companies are penetrating the market to produce technologically advanced products which are most likely to contribute towards the growth of dispensing jugs market. 

How will Sustainable Development Goal 6 Work as a Market Trend for Dispensing Jug Market?

United Nations SDG 2030 is making a change in the world from aspects of gender equality, clean water, sanitation, clean energy, sustainable energy, and many more. The UN has vowed to complete these 17 development goals by the end of 2030, to fulfill our promise of making this world a better place for future generations to come.

SDG goal 6 clean water and sanitation, makes its focus on providing clean and safe water to people who are unable to drink clean water. Many countries in the African region has still far away from reaching this goal.

In respect to the goals set by the United Nations many human welfare organizations are helping underprivileged people to drink safe water. Multinational corporations are spending a large amount of CSR funds to support the supply of clean and safe water for the needy. All these factors will agitate the demand for dispensing jug market in the forecast period.

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Competitive Landscape

Global Players: -

  • Whirlpool Corp
  • Clover Co. Ltd.
  • Oasis International Inc.
  • Glacial Home
  • Ellsworth Adhesives
  • Tamco Industries
  • MJS Packaging
  • Illing Packaging
  • Oil Rite Corporation
  • Fillmore Container Inc.
  • Vistamation Inc. 

APAC Players: -

  • Y.S. Plastic Co
  • Harsh PET Industries
  • Aarav Industries
  • Ningbo JingxiLife Electric Appliance Co.
  • Varicraft Co. Ltd.
  • Zibo Wewin International Trade Co. Ltd.
  • Tianjin Technology Development Ltd.
  • Xiamen Yoyo Ceramic Trading Co. Ltd. 

Why will India hold a Prominent Share in the Dispensing Jug Market?

India being a developing nation is a long way towards reaching its goal of providing clean and safe water for all its citizens. The government of India has initiated local policies to enforce small-scale industries to produce dispensing jugs made from Clay.

Earthen pots are a traditional tool that has been modified by the new generation and thus dispensing jugs made of clay has gained a lot of foothold in the country. These jugs are economical and keep the water cool & safe. It has also increased the local economy and given a livelihood to local craftsmen and women. Thus it is expected that India will hold a great proportion of dispensing jug market in the foreseeable future.

An Adaptive Approach to Modern-day Research Needs

How has COVID-19 impacted the Growth of the Dispensing Jug Market?

COVID-19 impacted the sales of the market in a degrading manner. With the disruption of raw material supply lines, the production of dispensing jugs was hindered in the pandemic. Sales of the dispensing jugs which is usually high in the summertime gained a negative growth due to the complete imposition of lockdown across countries to control the virus growth.

This halt in the demand for dispensing jugs slowly recovered with the opening of the trade route by the end of 2020. People became more aware of sanitation and cleanliness among their places, thus the target market started to recover by 2021. Overall dispensing jug market faced financial losses during the peak COVID-19 pandemic.

Key Segments of Dispensing Jug Market Covered in the Report 

  • By material type, the dispensing jug market has been segmented as

    • Glass
    • Plastic
    • Steel
    • Others
  • By product type, the dispensing jug market has been segmented as

    • Top Load
    • Wall Mounted
    • Others
  • By capacity, the dispensing jug market has been segmented as

    • Less than 5 liters
    • 5 – 15 liters
    • 15 – 30 liters
    • 30 – 50 liters
    • More than 50 liters
  • By end use, the dispensing jug market has been segmented as

    • Residential
    • Commercial
      • Office
      • Restaurant
      • Institutional
      • Others
  • By Region, the dispensing jug market has been segmented as

    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Europe
    • East Asia
    • South Asia
    • The Middle East and Africa
    • Oceania

NOTE - All statements of fact, opinion, or analysis expressed in reports are those of the respective analysts. They do not necessarily reflect formal positions or views of the company.

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Is the market research conducted by Fact.MR?

Yes, the report has been compiled by expert analysts of Fact.MR, through a combination of primary and secondary research. To know more about how the research was conducted, you can speak to a research analyst.

What research methodology is followed by Fact.MR?

Fact.MR follows a methodology that encompasses the demand-side assessment of the market, and triangulates the same through a supply-side analysis. This methodology is based on the use of standard market structure, methods, and definitions.

What are the sources of secondary research?

Fact.MR conducts extensive secondary research through proprietary databases, paid databases, and information available in the public domain. We refer to industry associations, company press releases, annual reports, investor presentations, and research papers. More information about desk research is available upon request.

Who are the respondents for primary research?

Fact.MR speaks to stakeholders across the spectrum, including C-level executives, distributors, product manufacturers, and industry experts. For a full list of primary respondents, please reach out to us.

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