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Touchless Tubes Market

Touchless Tubes Market

Touchless Tubes Market Share & Trends Analysis, By Capacity (10ml, 15ml, 50ml, 80ml), By Application (Spoolies, Sponge tip, Silicon Spatula, Airless pump), By Nature (Organic, Plastic, Glass, Metal) & By Region Forecast - Global Review 2021 to 2031

Touchless Tubes Market

Touchless Tubes Market: An Overview

Touchless tubes are an innovative solution in the tube market. Touchless tubes are those types of tubes where there would be no or minimal amount of contact between the hand and the solution. The major application of touchless tubes is found in the cosmetic industry.

The shifting mentalities of consumers towards better health and hygiene are pushing the beauty brands to develop new touchless applicators and touchless tubes is one such example of that.

Touchless tubes serve as a packaging option for beauty products that are focused on having minimum contamination. Due to the application of these touchless tubes, the cosmetic products can now be directly applied to the skin, so the risk of contamination by hands is reduced drastically.

Touchless Tubes Market: Dynamics

The increase in awareness of health and hygiene has boosted the market growth of hygiene applicators which also include touchless tubes. As many germs or bacteria can be transmitted through touch or contact so, touchless tubes also offer the convenience, portability, and flexibility to hold and dispense the solution with no contact in between hands and the solution.

Nowadays as the cosmetic industry is focusing more on beauty product development to enhance their customer experience, therefore, touchless tubes being a new, innovative and sustainable packaging is also a factor that drives the growth of touchless tubes.

Another main factor that drives the touchless tubes market is that, as there is a lower risk of contamination so the protection against germs or viruses is high and the touchless tubes packaging also increases the shelf life of the beauty products. Touchless tubes are currently in trend due to their focus on being a more hygienic solution than other cosmetic packaging.

The e-commerce industry is evolving in recent years owing to the development and adoption of the latest technology and consumer shift towards the online platform for shopping. This had led to the increase in the demand for touchless tubes in the cosmetic industry.  

Touchless Tubes Market: Challenges

One of the main challenges that the touchless tubes market face is environmental standards because some of these touchless tubes are made with such elements which take much more time than any other cosmetic product to disintegrate so, the manufacturers of touchless tubes have to make eco-friendlier packaging products.

The touchless tubes cosmetic products are more expensive than traditional tubes, because of which the customers tend to buy other substitutes and avoid touchless tubes cosmetics, due to their high pricing.

Another factor that is hampering the growth of this market is the slow pace adoption of the latest technology and inability to purchase the costly machinery or equipment for manufacturing of the touchless tubes, especially for new entrants or local players may result in the slow or hampered growth of this market. 

Touchless Tubes Market: Key players

Some of the key players in touchless tubes packaging are listed below

  • WWP beauty
  • Raepak limited
  • Alltub
  • Kaufman Container
  • Apackinggroup
  • Boston Matthews
  • Albea
  • Thepkgco
  • Allure
  • Estee Lauder
  • Maybelline
  • Lumson
  • Codex Beauty

Touchless tubes are already prevalent in regions like England and North America due to constant innovation and revolutionary products. Hence, the UK region is anticipated to have a major share of the touchless tube market during the forecasted period. Since the adoption rate of new and innovative solutions for cosmetics is slow in the Asia-Pacific region so it is anticipated that this region would certainly see growth in the touchless tubes market but at a slower pace. The Middle East & Africa (MEA) is also anticipated to have a slow pace of growth like the Asia-Pacific region but they would also catch up with the trend. Western Europe and Eastern Europe are expected to have a relatively slow pace of growth than the Asia Pacific region. Latin America is also supposed to register a higher growth rate.

WWP Beauty, a full-service supplier to the worldwide beauty market, has introduced the Sustainable Touchless Tubes collection, which includes PCR tubes showcasing a choice of touchless and airless applicator solutions for colour cosmetics and skincare.

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Touchless Tubes Market: COVID-19 consequence

The cosmetic industry has been hampered due to the pandemic, because of delays in the shipments of raw materials and disruption in the supply chain. Due to this covid-19 pandemic, the consumers of beauty products are unable to shop from retail outlets due to lockdown and various travel restrictions, because of which the usage of cosmetic products has gone down and this has badly impacted the cosmetic industry.

However, due to this pandemic, there is an exponential growth in e-commerce as people’s interest in e-commerce platforms has increased, especially in developing countries where e-commerce is less common. This e-commerce industry is now supporting the cosmetic industry as people are buying more items online than from retail stores.

Because of this covid-19 pandemic, there is an increase in health and hygiene awareness, due to which the consumers are opting for a touchless cosmetic solution, which has a minimum amount of contact with surfaces thereby reducing the chances of getting contaminated. This is where comes the use of touchless tubes, which is a perfect solution to this problem as there is a reduced percentage of contamination from external factors.

As the buying trends of the consumers has also changed, therefore the cosmetic companies are now focusing on ways in which it can attract their customers. Hence, due to this covid-19 pandemic, the cosmetic packaging market is moving towards hygienic solutions and would eventually come up with more innovative packaging solutions in the future which would be focused more on the contactless usage of cosmetic products.

Touchless Tubes Market: Segmentation

  • Based on capacity, Touchless Tubes Market has been segmented as

    • 10ml
    • 15ml
    • 50ml
    • 80ml
    • 100ml
    • Others
  • Based on application, Touchless Tubes Market has been segmented as

    • Spoolies
    • Sponge tip
    • Silicon Spatula
    • Airless pump
  • Based on nature, Touchless Tubes Market has been segmented as

    • Organic
    • Plastic
    • Glass
    • Metal
  • Based on region, Touchless Tubes Market has been segmented as

    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Europe
    • South Asia
    • East Asia
    • Oceania
    • Middle East & Africa

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