Sports accessories – once deemed as supportive elements – have now grown to become a crucial requirement of games that need special attention and care on account of their nature, such as in golf and swimming. Current world sports are being played with advanced accessories that improve the functionality and accuracy of players. Smart sports accessories are gaining increased momentum, aiding better decision making of athletes.

Vast features and versatile utilization of smart sports accessories have underpinned their penetration in the sports industry, and the trend is likely to surge in the forthcoming years. Emerging economies are becoming major consumers of sports accessories and gear on the coattails of new product launches related to local sports that are played at the international level. Lack of technical infrastructure in the sports industry continues to remain a major concern impacting the sales of sports accessories and gear, along with issues pertaining to the penetration of smart technologies in performance monitoring.

Fact.MR propounds valuable intelligence and credible insights on the demand and supply trends associated with sports accessories and gear across diverse sports activities. Heavy investments in development programs apropos such sports signify promising growth prospects for sports accessories in the coming years.

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