Retail & Consumer Goods

Know your end-users to serve them better

When something such as ‘retail therapy’ exists, you know that it is driven by a thriving, multi-billion dollar industry. For any organization that hopes to be successful in the brutal, cutthroat retail industry, actionable market insights are needed on a daily basis. Considering retail market intelligence akin to how some individuals window shop would be a costly mistake indeed. You need to ensure that you choose the absolute best in your quest for business profitability and long-term sustainability. At Fact.MR, we strive to equip our clients with dynamic market insights into the fast-changing retail industry to acquire an edge over competition.

As a stakeholder in the industry, you would typically seek out in-depth information on global and regional retail related to key concerns such as space allocation, products, services, format innovation, store portfolios, and the most important aspect – sales performance. You need to be aware of fast-fashion fads and fickle consumer trends in diverse areas such as e-commerce, Omni-channel, and multichannel retail. It would also help to know about the impact of automation as well as the cultural, demographic, social, and political changes on the retail industry. All of these need to present a cohesive picture that you can fit yourself within – either in a local or a global context. So where does your opportunity as a business lie? At Fact.MR, we attempt our very best to answer this highly complex question.

We consider the concept of retail to be an art as well as a science. We provide a comprehensive suite of consulting services to give you the required market intelligence with which you can stand head and shoulders above your immediate competition. Our diverse team of industry analysts burn the midnight oil to continuously observe, assess, and question the retail industry so that we can provide all the insights our clients need to make strategic decisions that lead to long-term business growth and success.