Emerging technologies have created a transformative opportunity for the life sciences industry, wherein, scientific achievements are on at a record pace. Life science companies are continuously seeking newer operating models and partnerships, as these are particularly imperative for accessing external technology and expertise. Scenario planning is becoming a crucial aspect of consideration among life science companies for dealing with uncertainties and preparing for future challenges.

AI and cognitive technologies, computing power, and automation are witnessing accelerated advancements, benefitting clinical trial productivity while leading to data volume proliferation. This has further entailed the requirement of enhanced security and scalability in the life sciences industry. Forging partnerships with small and large technology companies for deriving insights from high data volumes generated through claims, clinical trials, and electronic health records (EHRs) has become a key strategy for leading industry players.

Fact.MR’s fact-based analysis and insights will enable industry leaders to realize a more networked, project-based, collaborative, devolved, and mobile future of work. This ethically-driven sector is constantly monitored by regulatory authorities, while industry leaders are focusing on being vigilant towards high vulnerability disclosures. Moving ahead, dedicated regulatory authorities are likely to have higher expectations in terms of data integrity and quality, owing to the adoption of advanced technologies, automated systems, and cloud-based platforms in the life sciences industry.

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