The pharmaceuticals industry is reliant on new molecule development for replacing the revenue stream of older drugs that are closing in on the expiration of patent terms. New drugs have an enormous positive impact on the growth prospects of the pharmaceuticals sector, with drug therapy becoming an integral component of healthcare. New breakthroughs further promise revolutionizing non-communicable disease therapeutics, thereby creating lucrative avenues for growth.

Biologics and generics are considered to be fast-expanding segments of the pharmaceuticals industry. Innovative industry efforts are being arrested by unprecedented challenges in terms of shorter product lifecycles, expiring patents, and stricter regulations. Despite enormous investments in R&D, the pharmaceuticals industry has witnessed the formulation of fewer effective therapies and new drugs. To even these odds, pharmaceutical companies are aligning with a more competitive environment by shifting manufacturing and other relevant operations overseas, and revamping their research pipelines.

Fact.MR offers elaborate analysis of the pharmaceuticals sector, backed by extensive expertise in drug discovery and development. The demand for anti-depressant, anti-diabetic, and anti-hypertensive medications has tremendously surged in recent years, stemming from an increase in the aging population, chronic diseases, and innovations in drug development. Strategic investments in the pharmaceuticals industry hinge on the efforts directed by key players towards implementing robust solutions for early therapeutic discoveries.

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