Real-time communication, rich data, and ubiquitous connectivity are transforming the ways through which industries operate. Organizations are using robust production and manufacturing systems to cope with evolving industry requirements such as fast and efficient manufacturing processes and consistent high quality. Top-notch industrial systems being used are structured and simple, engulfing the organization’s strengths and challenges.

With the advent of 'Industrial 4.0', businesses and countries are identifying measures to transform their industrial systems, attain sustainable growth, and make contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). Despite widespread utilization of advanced manufacturing systems, industries face complex decisions pertaining to selecting the most appropriate solution. Analyzing demand uncertainty in the performance of modular manufacturing systems in comparison with other alternatives has therefore become an imperative agenda among companies.

Fact.MR propounds intelligence on every facet apropos of industrial systems, exerting insights and analysis on the latest developments to aid various industrial sectors in relevant purchase or investment related decisions. 'Smart Factory' has emerged as a holistic solution for industries to tap into multiple features, including transparency, connectedness, and agility. Leading industry owners are investing in smart factory for differentiating themselves, and to function more efficiently and effectively in a rapidly shifting and complex ecosystem.

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