Airsoft Guns Market

Airsoft Guns Market Study by Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, and Muzzle Loading for Individual, Institutional, and Promotional Use from 2023 to 2033

Analysis of Airsoft Guns Market Covering 30+ Countries Including Analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Airsoft Guns Market Outlook (2023 to 2033)

The global airsoft guns market is forecasted to expand at a CAGR of 7.7% from 2023 to 2033. The market is valued at US$ 2 billion in 2023 and is thus expected to reach a valuation of US$ 4.2 billion by 2033-end.

Electric-powered airsoft guns are very popular since they are simple to operate, reliable, and accurate. As they require less maintenance than other types of airsoft guns, electric-powered airsoft guns are gaining popularity.

A replica of a real steel weapon, an airsoft gun is safe to use in leisure and action sports. These guns either use an electric motor, a spring force, or a gas tank to discharge pellets.

Airsoft guns are used as props in movies and on TV production sets, as well as for indoor photography. Also, compared to traditional air guns, they have a longer range, less muzzle energy, and pellets with lower penetrating and stopping capabilities. Automatic electric weapons (AEGs), gas blowback weapons (GBBs), and spring-powered airsoft weapons are currently in high demand globally.

The popularity of airsoft guns is increasing due to their many features and benefits, including real shooting simulation and less weight than metallic weapons. The worldwide market for airsoft guns has been pushed by an increase in sporting organizations that support airsoft shooting in various developed countries.

A rise in adventurous activities and real shooting simulations is encouraging people to buy airsoft guns. This is anticipated to boost the worldwide market throughout the projection period. Other factors driving the demand for airsoft guns are changes in lifestyle and rising disposable income.

Market expansion is driven by the increasing use of airsoft guns in training programs for the military and law enforcement. In addition, it is anticipated that the increased interest in airsoft guns as a hobby among individuals of all ages will support market growth.

Airsoft guns come in a range of sizes and forms and may be used for several activities, including plinking, target practice, and skirmishing. Throughout the projection period, market revenue is anticipated to be fueled by the accessibility of a broad variety of airsoft guns.

One of the most important aspects favorably affecting the market is the rapid urbanization along with the rising engagement of people, particularly the millennial population, in recreational and leisure activities. The demand for airsoft guns is also being driven by the booming tourism sector. Also, the global sales of airsoft guns through both online and offline distribution channels are being boosted by the rising popularity of adventure sports such as target shooting and related shooting activities.

Report Attributes


Airsoft Guns Market Size (2023)

US$ 2 Billion

Forecasted Market Value (2033)

US$ 4.2 Billion

Global Market Growth Rate (2023 to 2033)

7.7% CAGR

Market Share of Handguns (2023)


Key Companies Profiled

  • ICS Airsoft, Inc.
  • APS Conception
  • Crosman Corporation
  • Valken, Inc.
  • Umarex
  • Classic Army
  • KRISS USA Inc.
  • G&G Armament
  • Systema Engineering
  • A&K Airsoft Ltd.

What is Shaping Global Airsoft Guns Market Growth?

“Increase in Airsoft Events Hosted by Shooting Organizations”

Market expansion is being aided by an increase in rifle organizations in developed countries that host sporting leagues, contests, and tournaments. These endeavors by the rifle industry are also encouraging market participants to launch cutting-edge, cost-effective versions made of biodegradable materials.

Key market players are also concentrating on extending their market reach by enhancing the appearance, size, and weight of airsoft guns. Airsoft leagues are being held all over the world as a result of growing consumer demand for airsoft sporting activities.

  • The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) hosts a global airsoft shooting tournament. This tournament attracts participation from more than 105 countries each year. They have around 200K members worldwide who work to spread the word about this occasion and so stimulate the market for airsoft guns.

“Growing Preference for Real Shooting Simulation Sports among Generation X”

One key factor for the growth of the business is anticipated to be millennials' growing interest in sporting activities as a way to relieve stress from their hectic work schedules. Market growth is supported by the growing importance of leisure activities such as target shooting or other shooting games as a result of their increased presence in several locations, including centers of domestic entertainment.

An increase in enthusiastic and adventurous high-net-worth individuals are highly spending on airsoft guns, in line with the growing trend of outdoor team sports. Growing fondness for real shooting simulation sports continue to appeal to a wider pool of Gen X and boomers, who are actively participating in airsoft sports.

“Key Market Players Increasing Focus on Developing Airsoft Fields and Parks”

Growing interest in airsoft continues to be the main force behind the development of airsoft fields in various areas. Groups convert abandoned homes and former training grounds into professional airsoft fields and attract many new players. As airsoft guns lack the potential to inflict death on human beings, they are seeing wide traction for amateur-training applications.

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What May Adversely Affect Global Demand for Airsoft Guns?

“Growing Awareness of Harm Caused by Misuse of Airsoft Guns”

Trademark conflicts continue to slow down the growth of the market, as several companies have been facing issues while manufacturing accurate replicas of real guns. As finely manufactured airsoft guns are increasingly facing concerns over violation of IP laws, particularly those regarding trademarks, manufacturers continue to struggle for rapid growth.

Market expansion is being constrained by people's growing awareness of the harm caused by the misuse of airsoft guns. Stringent regulatory frameworks are likely to remain a major limiting factor responsible for restricting market growth.

Airsoft Guns Market Forecast by Fact.MR

Which Region Provides Optimistic Opportunities for Market Players?

“Rapid Increase in Airsoft Fields in North America”

  • North America accounts for 50% share of the global market due to an increase in airsoft gun enthusiasts.

The popularity of airsoft sports will be boosted by an increase in airsoft fields, which will help North America maintain its status as the leading market for airsoft guns. Also, major players in the region are hosting sporting events and renting out fields and airsoft weapons to increase their customer base.

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Country-wise Insights

Which European Country is Likely to Be a Prominent Marketplace?

“Growing Use of Airsoft Guns as Training Weapons in German Army”

The market in Germany is expanding due to the growing involvement of individuals in adventurous sports such as hunting and target shooting. The increased use of airsoft guns has been significantly aided by the presence of top rifle manufacturers and the growing use of airsoft guns as training weapons in the army. To recruit new members for the team, businesses provide a variety of airsoft gun activities and events.

Why is the United States Set to Be a Highly Lucrative Market for Airsoft Gun Manufacturers?

“Rise in Local Supply of Spring-powered Airsoft Guns

Airsoft has garnered substantial prominence as a sport in the United States in the past few decades, with several schools even having airsoft teams as an unofficial sport. This growing traction for airsoft sports has been driving the sales of airsoft guns, thereby, reinforcing the lucrativeness of the market. A rise in the local supply of spring-powered airsoft guns is boosting market value in the United States.

For instance,

  • AirsoftC3, LLC, a firm based in the United States, is one of the major organizers of both indoor and outdoor airsoft games and rents out the field, airsoft weapons, and protective clothing.

What are the Growth Prospects for Airsoft Gun Suppliers in Japan?

“Surging Investments in Training Students for Shooting Competitions”

Market growth in Japan is attributed to the presence of prominent airsoft gun manufacturers and repair & service providers. Surging investments in training students for shooting competitions by key market players, rising disposable income, and the easy accessibility of airsoft guns are supporting market expansion.

Category-wise Insights

Why is Demand for Handguns Increasing Rapidly?

“Handguns More Preferred Due to Their Lightweight Characteristics and Single-shot Capability

Based on product, the market is divided into handguns, rifles, shotguns, and muzzle loading.

  • Handguns account for 60% share of the global market.

Customers choose handguns because of their lightweight characteristics and single-shot capability. Because this product doesn't require a magazine, even new users will find it simple to operate. Due to its modest weight, youngsters are quite interested in purchasing this airsoft gun.

Price also influences demand, a key factor in the growing demand for handguns is low-cost converted handguns. As converted handguns are less expensive than actual ones, there is a greater demand for airsoft handguns than for other airsoft weapons.

Which Sales Channel is Forecast to Gain a Leading Market Share?

“Specialty Stores Gaining Traction Since They Allow Customers to Personally Examine Airsoft Guns before Buying

Based on sales channel, the market is classified into modern trade channels, specialty stores, third-party online, and direct-to-customer.

Customers prefer to purchase from specialty stores because they can examine the product in person. Before purchasing an airsoft gun, buyers can test it. The growing popularity of leisure activities has significantly increased the penetration of specialty stores.

Specialty stores are becoming more popular due to the availability of a wide variety of consumer items under one roof, as well as abundant parking and convenient operating hours. Customers favor purchasing discounted products. Also, the placement of the products allows customers to compare them easily with other similar goods, making it easier for them to choose which item to purchase.

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Competitive Landscape

Leading companies are implementing a variety of tactics, including new developments in their product portfolios, supply chain management, collaborations, and pricing trends, to strengthen their position in the market. They are extending efforts in accurately replicating authentic gun models, which will be available on the market at competitive prices, to capture a broader customer base seeking a realistic live-fire experience.

Top airsoft gun manufacturers are focusing on quality control, product standards, and the simulation of the exact size, weight, and feel of popular gun models while following safety regulations. The development of effective relationships with third-party online stores and specialty stores that are primarily involved in sales and aftersales of airsoft guns will establish a compelling trend among competitors operating in the airsoft guns market.

For instance,

  • In 2022, the newest air archery firearm, the Air Javelin Pro Arrow Gun, was introduced by Umarex USA. The decision will make a significant contribution to product development and the expansion of the airsoft gun business.

Key Segments of Airsoft Guns Industry Research

  • By Product :

    • Handguns
    • Rifles
    • Shotguns
    • Muzzle Loading
  • By Mechanism :

    • Spring-powered
    • Electric-powered
    • Gas-powered
  • By Price Range :

    • Low (Below US$ 100)
    • Medium (US$ 100 to 500)
    • High (Above US$ 500)
  • By End User :

    • Individual
    • Institutional
    • Promotional
  • By Sales Channel :

    • Modern Trade Channels
    • Specialty Stores
    • Third-party Online
    • Direct-to-customer
  • By Region :

    • North America
    • Europe
    • Asia Pacific
    • Latin America
    • Middle East & Africa

- FAQs -

What is the value of the airsoft guns market in 2023?

The global airsoft guns market is valued at US$ 2 billion in 2023.

What is the expected valuation of the airsoft guns market for 2033?

Worldwide demand for airsoft guns is predicted to reach US$ 4.2 billion by 2033.

What is the estimated CAGR for the airsoft guns market from 2023 to 2033?

Sales of airsoft guns are set to increase at a CAGR of 7.7% through 2033.

Which is the most dominant region in the global market?

North America holds 50% share of the global market for airsoft guns.

Who are the prominent suppliers of airsoft guns?

ICS Airsoft, Inc., APS Conception, and Crosman Corporation are leading manufacturers of airsoft guns.

Airsoft Guns Market

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