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Smartwatches Market

Smartwatches Market

Smartwatches Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking: Global Market insights 2017 to 2022

Smartwatches Market
  • Aug-2017
  • List of Tables : 317
  • List of Figures : 105
  • 170 Pages
  • Consumer Goods

Key Findings

Increasing Need to Keep Track of Health and Fitness on the go Augurs Well

The global smartwatches market is prognosticated to rise at a decent pace during the forecast period 2017-2022 due to a number of factors such as the shift toward standardized connectivity.

Rising use of smartwatches to keep a track of the health and fitness of the wearers could help increase sales in the global smartwatches market. Increasing technological development in the health and fitness domain is expected to complement the rise of the global smartwatches market.

Inclusion of new features in smartwatches and aggressive penetration of smartphones could set the tone for significant growth of the global smartwatches market.

The global smartwatches market may not only find growth in developed countries but also emerging ones such as China due to product improvement and expansion of production and research facilities.

China’s rapid economic growth and larger consumption of smartwatches could be other factors promising market growth to the country. Rising competition among leading players of the global smartwatches market is envisaged to create lucrative opportunities in the coming years. High adoption of smart consumer products could also bode well for the smartwatches market.

Introduction of New Products with Innovative Features Raises Level of Demand

Benefits such as convenience in the management of tasks and easy health tracking are projected to create rewarding opportunities in the global smartwatches market.

On the other hand, improving number of tech-savvy users and increasing disposable income of consumers could support the growth of the global smartwatches market. The advent of new applications and launch of innovative products are forecast to push the rise of the global smartwatches market for years to come.

High research and development investment and increasing focus on expanding consumer base are prophesied to provide ample of opportunities in the global smartwatches market. Strong support from distribution channels could provide the cushion for new manufacturers to achieve stability in the global smartwatches market.

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About the Report

The report is a phenomenal compilation of various studies about the global smartwatches market, which include competitive analysis, cost structure, pricing analysis, segmentation, and regional analysis.

It offers useful guidelines for readers to get a complete understanding about the global smartwatches market. It brings to light some of the crucial factors that could improve the growth of the global smartwatches market in the near future. Readers are also expected to come across vital facts and figures related to the global smartwatches market.

An Adaptive Approach to Modern-day Research Needs

Market Definition

Smartwatches have a higher level of functionality than normal wristwatches. These computerized wristwatches offer more convenience to users and come with several innovative features that make them even more attractive.

Smartwatches offer a lot more than just timekeeping. Smartwatch users can pick and drop calls, check messages and notifications, and track health and fitness.

Additional Questions Answered

The analysts authoring the report answer critical questions about the global smartwatches market, such as:

  • How will North America dominate the global smartwatches market?
  • Which type of product will secure a larger share of the global smartwatches market?
  • Why will LCD display have a lethargic growth rate but higher revenue share?
  • Which operating system will be most preferred for smartwatches?

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Competitive Landscape

The report studies important companies operating in the

  • smartwatches market viz. Fossil Group Inc.
  • Fitbit Inc.
  • Beijing Xiaomi Technology Co.
  • Apple, Inc.
  • Alphabet Inc.
  • Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc.
  • LG Electronics Inc.
  • Garmin International, Inc.

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