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Horehound Supplements Market

Horehound Supplements Market

Horehound Supplements Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Market Insights 2019 - 2027

Horehound Supplements Market
  • May-2019
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In Brief:

  • Global horehound supplements market registered a value CAGR of 6.4% during the period between 2013 and 2018. Rising consumer inclination towards herbal or botanical health supplements in line with significant developments in nutraceutical industry has underpinned the growth of horehound supplements market.
  • Worldwide sales of horehound market closed in on revenues worth US$ 600 million in 2018, and are estimated to record a promising Y-o-Y growth at nearly 8% in 2019.
  • North America remains the leading market for horehound supplements, with revenues in 2018 estimated at US$ 180 million. Horehound supplements sales in the region remain driven by key beneficial properties of horehound (Marrubium vulgare), a member of the mint family, in treating respiratory conditions.
  • Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ) is likely to be a high-growth market for horehound supplements, upheld by increasing use of traditional herbal supplements in the region.

horehound supplements market snapshot

What are the Key Growth Drivers of Horehound Supplements Market?

  • Rising consumer preference for plant-derived and botanical products for the management and treatment of respiratory ailments, continue to complement adoption of the horehound supplements. Although funding for clinical trials apropos of horehound supplements potential in treating respiratory conditions is limited, its expectorant and cough-suppressant properties are considered to be a valuable addition to natural lozenges, expectorants, and cough syrups, in turn advocating research efforts into this natural health remedy.
  • The European Medicines Agency (EMA) and German Commission E have advocated the traditional use of horehound for symptomatic treatment of bloating and flatulence, and in temporary loss of appetite. This has raised awareness among consumers about herbal medicinal products with horehound as the primary ingredient.
  • Horehound supplements and other herbal nutraceutical products have gained increasing popularity on the account of alarming rise in the prevalence of obesity and digestive disorders. In addition, growth of the nutraceutical industry, along with the pervasive prevalence of lifestyle diseases, is likely to influence dynamics of the horehound supplements industry.
  • Horehound supplements manufacturers are shifting their focus towards R&D investments that aim at discovering the scope of innovative applications of horehound supplements, and implementation of advanced technologies to come up with more economic extraction and production.

horehound supplements market regional analysis

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What are Key Challenges Faced by Horehound Supplements Market Players?

  • Although there studies that advocate the health benefits of horehound, lack of scientific evidence or clinical research done to support these claims continues to remain a key concern among horehound supplements manufacturers.
  • While consumer preference, acceptance, and trust for botanical health supplements remain high, several side effects of using horehound in traditional herbal medicines such as nausea, headache, and skin allergies might pose a negative impact on growth of the horehound supplements market.

Horehound Supplements Market – Competitive Landscape

  • In November 2018, Swanson Health Products, a key player in the horehound supplements market, launched a Chinese website, developed by a Shenzhen-based cross-border e-commerce group Azoya, to expand its reach in the world’s biggest retail market. In May 2017, the company announced the launch of a new line of products with 14 probiotic supplements.
  • In August 2018, Mountain Rose Herbs launched its brand new ‘Mountain Rose Herbs Giving Project’, a program funded entirely by MRH to award three $4000 grants to people or organizations that require extra assistance for their plant- or conservation-centric projects.

Nutraceutical International Corporation

Founded in 1993, Nutraceutical International Corporation is leading player in the horehound supplements market, headquartered in Park City, Utah, which manufactures and markets nutritional supplements to health food stores. The company also offers a range of dietary supplements, creams, soaps, and other personal care products.

Ricola AG

Established in 1930, Ricola is headquartered in Laufen, Switzerland, and has subsidiary locations in Europe, Asia, and the USA. The company specializes in the production and sale of herb drops, tea blends, and chewing gums across the globe.

Herb Pharm LLC

Founded in 1979, Herb Pharm is based in Williams, Oregon, and focuses on creating high-quality herbal extracts. The company offers a range of single herb extracts, herbal capsules and powders, herbal compounds and tonics, herbal oil and salves, and herbal glycerites.

Bio-Botanica Inc.

Established in 1972, Bio-Botanica Inc. is headquartered in New York, USA, and a leading manufacturer and distributor of botanical extracts for cosmetic/personal care, supplement and nutraceutical, food and beverage, and flavor/fragrance industries. The company believes in supporting health with natural products that are holistically balanced for health, well-being, harmony, and inner-equilibrium.

ARKOPHARMA Laboratories, Company Limited

Founded in 1980, ARKOPHARMA is based in Carros, France, and operates as a pharmaceutical laboratory that specializes in phytotherapy, natural medication, and dietary supplements. The company offers range of herbal products and natural solutions for ear, nose, throat problems and others.

horehound supplements market competitive analysis

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Liquid Remains Preferred Mode of Administration for Horehound Supplements

Consumers continue to show marked preference for liquid form of horehound supplements. Worldwide sales of liquid horehound supplements were estimated at revenues worth nearly US$ 340 million in 2018, and are expected to register a Y-o-Y growth of 7.3% in 2019.

Drug stores continue to account for relatively large sales of horehound supplements, with over 40% share in 2018. Gains will also remain significant from health & beauty stores and modern trade channels, which collectively account for nearly one-third share in 2018.

Research Scope

horehound supplements market taxonomy

An Adaptive Approach to Modern-day Research Needs

Research Methodology

The Fact.MR study on horehound supplements market offers industry-based intelligence and comprehensive insights into the global market. To carry out a thorough analysis on the growth of horehound supplements market for the period, 2019-2027, a unique methodology and holistic approach have been adapted.

An elaborate and extensive secondary research is followed by an in-depth primary research, to obtain valuable information regarding historical and current growth parameters of the horehound supplements market.

Report Description

A recently released Fact.MR report on horehound supplements market offers an elaborate and exhaustive market forecast for the period, 2019-2027. Several dynamics influencing the horehound supplements market are identified and their degree of impact has been analyzed and detailed in the report. Further, the report offers both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the macroeconomic and industry-specific factors impacting horehound supplements market growth.

The Fact.MR report also provides detailed insights into the competitive landscape of horehound supplements market to direct its readers towards implementing and devising well-informed decisions.

Chapter 1 - Executive Summary

The report begins with an executive summary that offers multiple nodes and antinodes in the horehound supplements market including demand side trends, supply side trends, formulation & evolution roadmap, view-points of analysts, and opportunity assessment.

Chapter 2 - Global Horehound Supplements Market Overview

Current scenario of the horehound supplements market along with Y-o-Y growth has been analyzed and briefly introduced in this chapter followed by a concrete definition of the targeted product – horehound supplements market.

Chapter 3 - Key Indicators Assessment

The chapter focuses on various key trends impacting the growth of horehound supplements market. Some of the trends include leveraging new health claims, desirable health claims by manufacturers and brand owners, and others.

Chapter 4 - Market Background and Associated Industry Indicators

Under the chapter, the report covers the analysis of various aspects in nutraceuticals industry and their impact on horehound supplements market. It also include percentage share of horehound along with macroeconomic factors, forecast factors, value chain analysis, operating margins, market dynamics, and policy and regulatory landscape.

Chapter 5 - Key Success Factors

The chapter focuses on various success factors in horehound supplements market, including powerful portfolio of formulation and brands, nuanced marketing campaigns, strategic promotional activity and others.

Chapter 6 - Global Horehound Supplements Market - Pricing Analysis

The chapter offers a global pricing analysis of the horehound supplements market including pricing break-up across different key regions along with factors influencing pricing.

Chapter 7 - Global Horehound Supplements Market Analysis and Forecast 2013-2027

The chapter details an elaborate analysis and forecast of the horehound supplements market for the historical period (2013-2018) and the forecast period (2019-2027). The report has categorized the horehound supplements market into four key segments which include form, application, sales channel, and region.

Chapter 8 - North America Horehound Supplements Market Analysis and Forecast

The chapter offers the key opportunities and challenges in the horehound supplements market in North America. It also includes insights into the market scenario in each country of North America.

Chapter 9 - Latin America Horehound Supplements Market Analysis and Forecast

The chapter provides an accurate forecast of the horehound supplements market in Latin America, and offers detailed information of regional market. Key countries analyzed in the Latin America horehound supplements market include Argentina, Brazil, and rest of Latin America.

Chapter 10 - Europe Horehound Supplements Market Analysis and Forecast

The chapter covers an elaborate insights into the factors influencing the growth of horehound supplements market in Europe. It also includes market share analysis on the basis of country, form, application, and sales channel.

Chapter 11 - Japan Horehound Supplements Market Analysis and Forecast

The chapter covers important factors influencing the growth of the horehound supplements market in Japan. Market value proportion analysis, pricing analysis, and detailed insights into performance of all market segments in the country have been included in this chapter.

Chapter 12 - APEJ Horehound Supplements Market Analysis and Forecast

The chapter provides drivers, latest trends, and challenges of the horehound supplements market in Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ). Country-wise analysis of all the key countries in the region along with current and future scenario of the horehound supplements market in these countries have been detailed.

Chapter 13 - MEA Horehound Supplements Market Analysis and Forecast

The chapter includes detailed insights into the horehound supplements market in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) including important drivers, latest trends, opportunities, and challenges in the region. It also offers current scenario of the horehound supplements market in various countries across MEA.

Chapter 14 - Competitive Assessment

Under the chapter, the report offers a dashboard view of the market share analysis of leading players in horehound supplements market, along with structural analysis.

Chapter 15 - Company Profiles

The chapter covers an extensive analysis on the competitive scenario of the horehound supplements market. It offers company description, product offerings, key financials, strategies, and regional presence of each key player in the horehound supplements market.

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What research methodology is followed by Fact.MR?

Fact.MR follows a methodology that encompasses the demand-side assessment of the market, and triangulates the same through a supply-side analysis. This methodology is based on the use of standard market structure, methods, and definitions.

What are the sources of secondary research?

Fact.MR conducts extensive secondary research through proprietary databases, paid databases, and information available in the public domain. We refer to industry associations, company press releases, annual reports, investor presentations, and research papers. More information about desk research is available upon request.

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