Tongkat Ali Extract Market

Tongkat Ali Extract Market Analysis by Organic and Conventional for Application in Dietary Supplements, Cosmetics & Personal Care, and Sports Nutrition Drinks from 2023 to 2033

Analysis of Tongkat Ali Extract Market Covering 30+ Countries Including Analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Tongkat Ali Extract Market Outlook (2023 to 2033)

Tongkat ali also known as Eurycoma Longifolia is conventionally used in various medicines in Southeast Asia. The ingredient is majorly used for treating health conditions like treating lethargy, low libibo, fatigue, and depression. A flowering plant from the Simaroubaceae family, native to Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, as well as Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand, is a common traditional herbal remedy.

The global market is about to witness projected growth in the upcoming years due to an increase in the demand for functional food. Tongkat Ali extract is also known as Eurycoma longifolia, or longjack, which is a flowering plant, and is widely popular in various geographies including South East Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, amongst others.

The extract is obtained from the roots of the plant and is traditionally used for various health benefits such as aphrodisiac, and ailment of disorders. It is known to treat diseases such as jaundice, diarrhea, dysentery, intestinal worm, etc. Apart from this, E. Longifolia extract is also known to boost blood flow and reduces fatigue. The global market is estimated to witness a healthy CAGR during the forecast period from 2023 to 2033.

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What are the key reasons for the rise in demand in the market?

Use as a folk medicine to treat diabetes, cancer, and anxiety issues.

E. Longifolia is used as a folk medicine for erectile dysfunction, aging, leukemia, osteoporosis, stress, syphilis, glandular swelling, malaria, cancer, diabetes, anxiety, aches, constipation, exercise recovery, fever, and glandular swelling. The roots are also used as an appetite stimulant, antibacterial, and dietary supplement.

Rising awareness about health benefits, growing demand for dietary supplements, and increasing prevalence of obesity are driving the growth of this market globally. Also, an increase in spending capability and an increase in the number of health-conscious people results in the growth of the market and is projected to further open new opportunities for the market in the coming future.

Rising Demand for Dietary Supplements

Increasing demand for alternative food supplements due to an ever-increasing sedentary lifestyle, and lack of physical activities have made them prone to various diseases. The growing concerns related to lack of physical activities and rising health problems increase the demand for dietary supplements, which boosts their life and make them healthier. Thus, consumers are shifting their preference to nutritional supplements, which contains tongkat ali extract and thereby, driving the growth of the market globally.

Increasing Demand for Herbal Drugs

Consumers are increasingly choosing natural herbs over conventional pharmaceuticals as awareness of the health benefits of herbal medicines grows. There is numerous potential for the market to expand in the future thanks to recent technological advancements and an increase in the production of these plants in South Asian nations. The government has also undertaken a number of steps to expand its production capacity. Also, growing consumer awareness and a rise in the demand for herbal remedies have bolstered the global market.

What are growth deterrents for the market?

It is majorly found in South Asian countries and smaller amounts in other Asian countries, such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, amongst others. But there are no big players in the market that fulfill the increasing need of the market. Owing to a shortage in supply, the price is very high. Therefore, the high cost of the market constrains the growth of the market globally. However, this can be overcome with an increase in the plantation and growing commercialization.

Apart from the price concerns, there are health cautions raised on this product anticipated to hamper its sales in the forecast period. The tongkat ali is considered safe in doses of 200 to 400 mg each day in healthy individuals. However, exceeding this proportion could initiate damage to gastrointestinal DNA. Also, there is a lack of clarity regarding the safety of Tongkat ali for pregnant women as some supplements may contain mercury. These concerns are expected to limit the growth of the market if not addressed properly by manufacturers.

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Region-wise Insights

This extract is very popular in South Asian countries as well as other parts of Asia Pacific. It is a traditional herbal plant of Malaysia and is known to consumers for ages. Also, due to diversification in the food processing industry, the export base of South Asian countries has expanded and boosted the growth of the market in this region.

These extracts are also popular in North America, and various manufacturers are processing tongkat ali locally. Herbal medicines are also famous in Europe, but the extract is classified as an unauthorized novel food. However, the market has vast opportunities to grow in North America and Asia region.

Key Players

  • LJack (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Nutragreenlife Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
  • Nutra Green Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
  • Beton Nutrition Corporation
  • Tianjin Liesi International Trading Co.,Ltd
  • RD Health Ingredients amongst others.
  • Other Prom inent Players

Global Tongkat Ali Extract Market Segmentation

  • By End-use Application :

    • Dietary Supplements
    • Cosmetics & Personal Care
    • Sports Nutrition Drinks
    • Functional Food
  • By Nature :

    • Organic
    • Conventional
  • By Regions :

    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Europe
    • Middle East and Africa (MEA)
    • East Asia
    • South Asia
    • Oceania

- FAQs -

What factors are driving the market?

Rising awareness about health benefits, growing demand for dietary supplements, and increasing prevalence of obesity are factors driving growth.

Who are the top players?

LJack (M) Sdn Bhd, FZBIOTECH, Beton Nutrition Corporation, etc are some of the key players in the market.

Where this market is anticipated to notice flourishing growth?

This extract is very popular in South Asian countries as well as other parts of Asia Pacific.

Tongkat Ali Extract Market

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