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Wrapping Machine Market

Wrapping Machine Market

Wrapping Machine Market Share & Trends Analysis, By Machine Type (Shrink wrapping machine, Stretch wrapping machine), By Method (Wrap without seal, Wrap with seal), By Operation (Automatic, Semi-automatic), By Technology, By End-user & By Region Forecast - Global Review 2021 to 2031

Wrapping Machine Market

Wrapping Machine Market: Overview

Wrapping machines are used to wrap packages in stretch film, so as to maintain the quality of the products and ensures high production rates in the packaging industry. Wrapping machines can be of different forms such as vertical, ring, still or rotatory, and orbital wrappers.

The wrapping machine market is set to witness steady growth during 2021-2031. Demand for wrapping machines will witness steady recovery in short term. The wrapping machine market is expected to expand in the upcoming years due to the high demand for packaged goods and safe transportation of products with a significant CAGR.

What is Driving Demand for Wrapping Machine?

The trend of modernization, which includes the delivery of packaged goods to the doorstep is accelerating the demand for wrapping machines in the packaging industry. This, in turn, is expected to boost the growth of the wrapping machines market

The movement of industrial products and consumer goods to various places necessitates safe and secure packaging, which in turn is expected to increase the demand for wrapping machines.

Additionally, the growing footprint of the wrapping machine market across the globe due to an increase in packaging products is expected to fuel the growth of the wrapping machines market.

The wrapping machines market is escalating its footprint in the packaging industry across the world by providing a safe and efficient transition of goods. Effective product wrapping is also likely to increase the presentation quality and consumer appeal of the product, which in turn, increases the demand for wrapping machines.

As the transportation and processing of delicate products increase the market for wrapping machines increases. Due to the need for high-quality packaging with the surge in worldwide population, household income, and consumption capacity, the need for various packaged foods and drinks has augmented.

This is increasing the demand for wrapping machines. It is also likely to drive the market growth as there is growing interest in differentiating different products on the market growth packaging.

Wide Range of Industry Applications of Wrapping Machine Likely to Augment Sales

Wrapping Machines are used in various industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, personal care, and public professional services to attain a degree of customization with respect to handling and transporting material goods. Additionally, material goods are protected from moisture, damage, and dust by using wrapping film. It also improves the safety of the products.

The control system and product handling of goods in the food & beverages industry are expected to witness high growth in the wrapping machine market. Automatic wrapping machines are estimated to see higher growth than semi-automatic wrapping machines.

What are the Key Challenges that may Restrain Growth of the Wrapping Machine Market?

The wrapping machine requires a high initial investment, which is slowing the expansion of the worldwide market. The wrapping machine is designed to use a plastic film that is not environmentally friendly. Banning this film could limit the market for wrapping machines.

Also, the integration of the packaging process at the end of the production line represents a threat to the rating machinery market. Advanced wrapping machines with integrated packaging processes and diverse operations can hamper the growth of the target market.

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Who are the Key Manufacturers and Suppliers of Wrapping Machine?

Some of the key players operating in the wrapping machine market are Robopack

  • American-Newlong Inc.
  • James Dawson Enterprises Ltd.
  • Pyramid Packaging Inc.
  • RPMI Packaging Inc.
  • PackRite
  • SpanTech
  • Classic Packaging Corp.
  • Adpak Machinery Systems Ltd
  • Aetna Group S.p.A.
  • Brenton
  • LLC
  • Haloila Oy
  • LoeschPack
  • Messersì Packaging S.r.l.
  • Nido Machineries
  • Pieri srl
  • Sampack India Private Limited.
  • SPG Packaging Systems GmbH - H.Böhl
  • TOSA S.p.a.

US Wrapping Machine Market Outlook

Demand for wrapping machines in North America is expected to increase significantly due to demand from food & beverage packaging. Wrapping machines are hugely involved in the process of advanced packaging of material goods along with inbuilt wrapping processes in the packaging industry. This in turn is expected to drive the wrapping machines market over the forecast period in the north America.

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Asia Pacific Demand Outlook for Wrapping Machine

The Asia Pacific is expected to hold a significant share of the wrapping machines market due to the rising consumer demand for personal care products in order to ensure high quality of products. This in turn is expected to enhance the demand for wrapping machines across the Asia Pacific region.

The packaging of material goods and industrial goods in various sectors such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and consumer goods requires different patterns of wrapping, which in turn is expected to accelerate the growth of the wrapping machines market in the Asia Pacific region

COVID-19 Impact on Wrapping Machine Market

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads and its humanitarian impact grows, companies that help meet basic necessities, such as providing food and other key commodities to customers securely, are becoming increasingly impacted. During the epidemic, packaging demand is projected to go higher.

Market growth is expected to be aided by rising demand for ready-to-eat, dairy, and other perishable products, as well as convenience foods. Over the forecast period, factors such as changing consumer lifestyles and eating habits, as well as changing food preferences, are predicted to boost demand for wrapping machines.

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Wrapping Machine Market- Segmentation

  • Based on Machine Type, Wrapping machine market is segmented as

    • Shrink wrapping machine
    • Banding
    • Stretch wrapping machine
      • Ring
      • Pallet Wrapping Machine
      • Reel Stretch
    • Sleeve
    • Spiral
    • Fold
    • Overwrapping machine
    • Roll wrapping machine
    • Mobile wrapping machine
    • Foil and band
  • Based on Method, Wrapping machine market is segmented as

    • Wrap without seal
    • Wrap with seal
  • Based on Operation Wrapping machine market is segmented as

    • Automatic
    • Semi-automatic
    • Arm
      • Double Arm
      • Rotating Arm
    • Turntable
    • Others
  • Based on Technology Wrapping machine market is segmented as

    • Vertical
    • Horizontal
    • Orbital
  • Based on End-User Wrapping machine market is segmented as

    • Healthcare Industry
    • Packaging Industry
    • Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Public Professional Service Providers
    • Soap & Detergent
    • Food & Beverages Industry
    • Personal Care Industry
    • Others
  • Based on Region Wrapping machine market is segmented as

    • North America
      • US & Canada
    • Latin America
      • Brazil, Mexico, Others
    • Western Europe
      • EU5
      • Nordics
      • Benelux
    • Eastern Europe
    • Asia Pacific
      • Australia and New Zealand (ANZ)
      • Greater China
      • India
      • ASEAN
      • Rest of Asia Pacific
    • Japan
    • Middle East and Africa
      • GCC Countries
      • Other Middle East
      • North Africa
      • South Africa
      • Other Africa

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