Stronger participation in fitness and sports activities, coupled with a rising proportion of the global population following healthier lifestyles, are key demand determinants for sports apparel. Technological developments focused on improving performance and comfort have further upheld the sales of sports apparel. The swell of the 'Athleisure' trend has led several brands and retailers to reveal their collections in recent years, and it is evident that this trend is set to prevail.

Athleisure rules the runway, trimming the thick line between sports apparel and casual apparel, and brands and retailers are directing efforts to align with this mass trend. Sports apparel, once worn exclusively in gyms and health clubs, has now witnessed adoption by fitness-conscious individuals and young adults, accompanied by relaxation in dress codes. The popularity of sports apparel stems from its capability to bridge the gap between functionality and style in the apparel industry.

Innovations in textile technology have further led to improvements in the functionality of sports apparel, making these garments more breathable, waterproof, and lightweight. Through key research studies, Fact.MR presents intricate details and accurate insights on the sports apparel industry, enabling clients to devise strategic steps forward to gain a competitive edge. Manufacturers who jump on the trend that defines both, performance and fashion, are likely to perceive positive growth prospects in the sports apparel industry.

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