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5 Leading Pallet Truck Manufacturers Globally

Published : 20 May 2021 Industry: Industrial Goods

The boom in e-commerce is reshaping the entire supply chain, creating an upsurge in the production of pallet trucks. This has also led to the adoption of electric vehicle technology in the material handling sector and is increasing the global pallet trucks market. The global pallet trucks market is estimated to gain traction in the post covid world. Technology advancements are further enabling mapping and location navigation and fueling the pallet truck market. 

Below mentioned are 5 leading pallet truck manufacturers globally. 

Toyota Motor

The Toyota Motor Corporation is the largest automobile manufacturer in the world. Toyota is the world's first automobile manufacturer to produce more than 10 million vehicles per year. Toyota is the global market leader in sales of hybrid electric vehicles and is known to encourage the adoption of hybrid electric vehicles. Toyota also manufactures hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. In January 2020, the Lexus hybrid passenger car models touched the 15 million milestones. 

In May 2021, ENEOS Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announced the signing of a new partnership to explore the utilization and application of hydrogen energy at Woven City. With this partnership, they aim to help achieve a carbon-neutral society by 2050. ENEOS deals in the hydrogen business and operates 45 hydrogen refueling stations in the four major metropolitan areas in Japan. 

Noveltek Industrial Manufacturing Inc. 

Noveltek is a leading forklift manufacturer in the industry. The company has exported the Pallet Trucks to 38 countries around the world. The list of countries includes Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Germany, the U.K., Greece, Australia, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and most of Asian Countries, etc. The products are designed with excellent materials, components, and material handling equipment. 

The superior range of material handling equipment offered by the company includes products like Pallet Truck, Forklift Truck, Pallet Stacker, Hand Stacker, Electric Forklift, Lift Platform Truck / Lift Table, Order Picker / Aerial Platform Truck, Oil Tank Rotating Stacker / Oil Tank lift truck, and etc. 

Hyster Company

Hyster Company is a prominent player in the pallet trucks market. Hyster holds over 90 years of experience and is a leading lift truck designer and manufacturer. The company delivers tough lift trucks and maintains its focus on the clients. The products offered by the company come with lifting capacities of 2,000 to 105,000 pounds. Hyster’s pallet trucks lineup includes rider low lift pallet truck, walkie low lift pallet truck, enclosed end rider pallet truck, end rider pallet truck, pedestrian low lift pallet truck, pedestrian low lift pallet truck, and much more. 

Rico Equipment

At Rico, the specialists design, fabricate and assemble their own equipment. They do everything from engineering, steel plate burning, and CNC machining to welding, paint, final assembly, and testing. The RICO customers control and cut costs and as the brand guarantees quality. The brand announced the launch of the EX Pallet lift truck series designed for safety and maximum maneuverability in the most hazardous and explosive environments. This design is offered in a walk-behind, stand-up rider, or walkie rider version. All vehicles can be custom engineered to meet the client’s specific application and load requirements. The new series offers a capacity of up to 12000 lbs. 

Sroka International

Sroka Incorporated is a leading manufacturing company taking on the world’s toughest industry challenges. The company is working in the industry for over 39 years and proudly engineers and manufactures heavy-duty electric lift trucks, combustion engine forklifts, and custom material handling equipment. Sroka offers solutions in the industries automotive, aerospace, defense, railroad, construction, steel, energy, chemical, pharmaceutical, personal care, and food processing. Sroka’s super-duty pallet trucks are trusted by the US armed forces. 

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