Technology is transforming the business landscape of global enterprises in profound ways, enabling new pathways for business process automation, and IT services are no exception. End-user self-service capability of IT services is witnessing a paradigm shift, with virtual digital assistants and chatbots guiding the evolution of self-service support, from knowledge bases to interactive sets of contextually aware diagnostic capabilities.

Fact.MR’s analysts offer intricate insights into the odds and evens of the IT services industry, to equip clients with accurate information, thereby facilitating their future business decisions. Alternative models will drastically transform the IT services industry, creating promising future prospects for services and solutions that are cash cows for the IT industry. These transformations have further bolstered the launch of alternative delivery models that are broadly classified into non-linear, process/time to market-driven, technology-driven, and business-driven models.

Digital business is redefining the future of the IT services industry, with the virtual and physical worlds blurring in pursuit of redesign and competitive strategies. IT service providers who focus on planning and building capabilities vis-à-vis top technology trends are likely to observe vigorous growth in the forthcoming years. Meanwhile, practice leaders and strategic planners are concentrating on understanding the various horizons of opportunities for short-term imperatives to maintain business relevancy and gain a greater share in the industry.

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