Worldwide surge in robotics manufacturing has resulted in the shortage of general industrial components required by other industries. Increased demand for bearings in robots has led to significant delays in the supply of these components to other industries. In case of medical equipment manufacturing, thin-section ball bearings witness high adoption in applications where weight reduction and space saving is of paramount importance.

Fact.MR imparts knowledge and insights on the latest turn of events that are influencing the demand and supply trends of components used in various industrial sectors. Semiconductor components are witnessing a skyrocketing demand, with application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), optoelectronics, and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) leading among categories. Additionally, the worldwide demand for electronic components has significantly surged, and concerns regarding meeting deadlines and sourcing components among companies are impacting their lead times.

Industrial component manufacturers and vendors are focusing on the management of their supply chains from the quote stage, and monitoring them to ensure meeting agreed deadlines. Vendors are, at the same time, becoming more vigilant with regard to counterfeits, as conditions are ripe for outdated parts that are relabeled as new in the pressure to meet the rising demand. Traditional approaches to component manufacturing are being replaced by additive manufacturing by leading companies, in a bid to rid complexity from the final assembly, and produce resilient, yet lightweight components.

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